The Best Fragrance For Every Sexy Occasion

Photo: KKW Fragrance

Aside from physical looks and complementary personalities, scent is one of the most important elements when it comes to attraction. The senses no doubt play a pivotal role in desire, and scientists believe that our natural odor – or, more aptly put, our pheromones – is a stimulus in the sexual response. Separate from the whole biology thing, though, fragrance can also act as an aphrodisiac. According to The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, there are certain scents, such as vanilla and lily of the valley, that have been proven to get guys’ blood flowing.

Below, we rounded up some of the best fragrances for every sexy scenario (including those much-needed solo sessions).

For date night: Vilhelm Parfumerie Smoke Show Eau de Parfum ($245; barneys.com)

Whether it’s your first date or your 100th, dress up your wrists and neck (perhaps a little spritz on your thighs, too) with something special. Smoke Show combines notes of wood, leather, spices, and rose to create a smoldering scent that’s perfect for cozying up in the corner booth. Its smokiness keeps a low profile that will linger subtly through the night. Trust me, you’ll feel like a literal smoke show in this.

For the bedroom: Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Toilette ($74; sephora.com)

Even the bottle is sexy. Inside it you’ll find a blend of black truffle, citrus, coconut, vanilla, and, of course, black orchid. Described as being “seductive, inviting, and tempting,” this alluring scent hits all the right notes.

For a romantic vacation: Bobbi Brown Beach Rollerball ($28; sephora.com)

Whether you’re jetting off for the weekend or heading on your honeymoon, this perfume will enhance the feeling of rest, relaxation, and romance. It combines jasmine, sea spray, and mandarin to create a fragrance that’s reminiscent of that just-off-the-beach scent.

For a girls’ night out: Kim Kardashian Kimoji Hearts Fragrance ($30; kkwfragrance.com)

When it comes to sisterhood, Kim Kardashian knows what’s up. Her latest Kimoji fragrances were designed to be fun and feminine. Each with a cocktail of fruity, floral, and gourmand notes, the three distinct perfumes are subtly sweet and playful – perfect for a flirty night out with your besties. Bodycon dress optional.

For time to yourself: The Organic Pharmacy Rose Jasmine Body Oil ($66; amazon.com)

Just because you’re spending the night alone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t smell (or feel) sexy. Instead of spritzing yourself with a strong perfume, slather on some of this organic body oil, which will nourish your skin while also making you feel like a gorgeous goddess. Enjoy it (wink, wink).


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