July 15, 2024

The Best Discord Bots

Discord is one of the leading social media/messaging applications on the market. The biggest reason for this is that it’s free, despite boasting fully-fledged server creation, voice and video calling features, and more.

Discord is paid for by optional Nitro subscriptions, merchandise, extra premium features, and money from their funders.

In order to supplement Discord moderation features, as well as add things like media integration and light in-Discord gaming elements, you can get Discord bots. We’re going to go over our top picks below.

Our Recommendation:

Mee6 is easily the most definitive server moderation Discord bot there is, thanks to a huge amount of features. Chief among these features is the ability to create and execute custom commands, set custom welcome messages, and more. It even has a leveling system to encourage users to stay active on the server- a leveling system that can also be used to manage permissions!

Runner Up:

MedalBot is pretty feature-rich, but for the most part, it focuses on one aspect: the sharing of gameplay clips. Since Discord was founded as a gaming-centric application (what with an in-game overlay feature and all), a bot like this is a natural fit for many Discord servers. By sharing clips and highlights, MedalBot users are rewarded points and encouraged to share as many of their best in-game clips as possible, encouraging server activity across-the-board.

In addition to gaming-centric features, MedalBot also has music-playing capabilities.

Everyone else

Pokemon is one of the most popular series in gaming, thanks to its memorable characters and addicting gameplay. With Pokecord, you’ll be able to collect and battle Pokemon in the Discord server, using interactive bot commands. While not as fully-fledged as a proper Pokemon game, a lot of the core gameplay elements are there for members of your server to enjoy.

This bot works well as a fun casual game for the server, and will fit particularly well if you know your denizens are fans of Pokemon or Nintendo games in general.

BoxBot serves as yet another way to gamify your Discord server. Using text commands, BoxBot enables combat simulations on the server. This also includes item trading features and virtual currency. While somewhat basic right now, BoxBot will eventually grow to include a lot of other features, including achievements, mini-games and more.

Dank Memeris a server plugin bot that focuses on…well, you can probably guess from its name. Using Dank Memer, users can make the bot post all kinds of memes, as well as manipulate images, manage virtual currency, play certain sounds…and even randomly kick someone, if you’re a moderator.

If you want to make the memingin your Discord server easier, then Dank Memeris the bot for you. If the very idea of this fills you with disgust, then this bot probably isn’t for you.

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