June 17, 2024

The best cuticle oils for when your nails need some extra TLC

To help stop the spread ofCoronavirus, we know that we must wash our hands with soap and water often –plus use sanitiser gel if soap and water isn’t available. And while we are being super scrupulous with the hand scrubbing, it’s leaving the skin on our hands dry and haggard.

“Washing your hands repeatedly, especially in the winter months can really take its toll and dry out your skin, as the natural oils are stripped away. This can be further aggravated by the cold air outside and drying effects of central heating and is particularly problematic for those with pre-existing skin conditions such as eczema,” explains consultant dermatologist, Dr Daniel Glass from The Dermatology Clinic London.

Sara Waterman, leading Aesthetician and Skincare Expert at Young LDN, agrees; “Over time excessively washing your hands and using hand sanitisers will deplete the skin’s natural protective barrier. This in turn, can leave the hands feeling dry and sore. ”

We’ve rounded up the best editor-approved hand creams in the bizz, plus expert advice on treating dry hands, but there’s one part of our hands that we often overlook when it comes to remedying dryness –our cuticles.

When our nail beds are cracked and parched, sometimes even the richest of hand creams just won’t do it. Not only will massaging a few drops of deeply nourishing cuticle oil into nail beds help to repair flaky skin and hangnails, it’ll also help preserve perfectly-polished manis and encourage nail growth, too. So, these are our favourite cuticle oils to keep nail beds soft, smooth and nourished.

If you’re still struggling with chapped hands, we’ve shared an easy, cheap and supremely effective at-home treatment for even the driest of hands using products you probably already have around the house. All you will need is a rich hand cream, coconut oil, or body lotion and either some cling film, or a pair of latex gloves, if you happen to have some knocking around for this nourishing hand cream recipe.

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