The best brow tints you can use at home to save you hundreds in salon trips

Eyebrows have been on an evolutionary journey over the past decade. But whether your eyebrow shape is pencil thin, bold and bushy, or expertly defined, the overarching message is: brows should not be ignored.

In 2018, we’ve seen the face framers styled into waves, plaits and feathers, embellished with jewellery, and grown out into Kahlo-esque monobrows. But our favourite trend has to be preened to perfection.

In a feat to don the best brows in the business, we’ve flooded into the salons. Going pro is the best way to ensure expertly mapped arches and symmetry. The same goes for tinting.

HOWEVER, there is something oddly satisfying about dyeing-it-yourself; walking around the kitchen with two stripes of paste swept across your forehead in anticipation of those freshly darkened hairs. Not to mention the time saved. Five-minute makeover, anyone?

For those who want to reap the rewards of their own handiwork, we’ve narrowed down the best at-home brow dyes. Check out our top tips, then browse below to see who made the cut.

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