The best beauty tips our best friends ever gave us

They know exactly how to break the biggest beauty truth bombs and even if it means you don’t talk to them for a while (twenty minutes, tops), or ever admit to them that they were right, their advice is usually spot on.

Nobody dishes out brutal beauty advice like a best friend.

So in celebration of National Best Friend’s Day, we’ve pulled together the best advice our BFF’s have ever given us, from both GLAMOUR staffers and our Beauty Club Facebook Group…

Having a work BFF apparently makes you better at your job

“Aged 14, without me asking or prompting her, my best friend handed me a pot of Jolen one day after school. If you don’t know, it’s bleach for your moustache. That’s true friendship right there.” – Jenn, Contributing Beauty Editor

“When applying mascara, move the wand in a zigzag motion for volumised, clump-free, separated lashes. Works like a dream.” – Celia, Beauty Club Facebook Member

“Having recently become a ‘real woman’, it wasn’t until my friends let me know I had TWO holes down there and it was possible to pee with a tampon in that I stopped going through a pack a day.” – Samantha, Deputy Beauty Editor

“Stupidly I had decided that I would do my own makeup on my wedding day. When it came to it my hands were shaking so badly that I just couldn’t manage it. So my best friend Katie stepped up to help with my eyeshadow. We both held our breaths to passing out point, while she gingerly worked the eyeshadow all the way into the inner corner towards my nose. Who knew you were meant to work it this far in?! It took me until my wedding day to learn that by doing this your eyes appear much bigger! Thank you, Katie!” – Clare, Director

“Advice from my bestie: Don’t smoke, drink plenty of water and always wear sun cream, if you want to look as fabulous as me at forty.” – Orianna, Beauty Club Facebook Member

“My brother – one of my besties and no-holds-barred pal – once brutally informed me that I was partial to getting a little too carried away with my trusty bronzer, leaving my face akin to an orange and my neck as white as paper. Thankfully, I’ve since become acquainted with Charlotte Tilbury’s Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask (£38), which helps me avoid that crucial beauty blunder.” – Bianca, Website Editor

“Best advice my bestie gave me was to use a makeup cleansing balm like Clinique’s Take The Day Off (£24). My skin has never been so happy!” – Claudia, Beauty Club Facebook Member

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