The Best Beauty Looks From the 2018 Met Gala

Contrary to popular belief, the Met Gala isnt just about the fashion. Its about the overall look, and that means its also the ultimate opportunity to show off with a major hair or makeup flex.

The evening is no time to play it safe when it comes to beauty, and for the 2018 event, celebrities and fashion folk drove that point home, with barely a snoozy look to be found.

The exhibit theme, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, lent itself to experimentation with over-the-top adornments and divine regalia. It was a lot to take in. So well break it down for you, with a closer look at the most memorable hair and makeup looks of the evening.

Sza at the 2018 Met Gala.

Hair accessories in a variety of forms have been all over the runways and red carpets for the past several seasons – but for the 2018 Met Gala, the fashion crowd super sized the trend. Attendees went all-out with intricate veils, crowns, halos, regal head pieces and (in the case of one thoroughly on-theme Rihanna) a literal pope hat. Also trending at the event? Facial adornments, like Cynthia Erivos blinged-out brows, Lily Collins and Szas gilded tears and Diane Krugers beaded violette.

Click through the below to see the stand-out hair, makeup and crown moments from the evening.

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