April 20, 2024

The best beauty influencers to follow for some major inspo in 2023

Social media can get a bad rap, but for every cray-cray tweet there’s lots to love – like the legion of beauty influencers and experts who are using their platforms to guide, inspire, encourage, and entertain when it comes to next-level make-up ideas, or intricate hairstyles or dermatologist secrets and viral nail art designs.

In fact, beauty influencers have opened up the once covert world of behind-the-scenes beauty to make it inclusive and accessible to anyone with Instagram, TikTok or other social platforms. Want to know how Kim Kardashian achieves the perfect Pamela Anderson udpo? Her hair stylist Chris Appleton has posted tutorials with step-by-steps.

Want to know what shade of nail polish JLo wore on her wedding day? Her nail artist, Tom Bachik gave an up close guided tour of the shades and designs on his Instagram. Equally, if you’re bored of your everyday liner and want some new ideas of ways to spice it up there’s a whole squad of beauty enthusiasts generating TikTok’s most viral trends.

As for skincare (possibly the most elitist strand in the beauty arsenal), where once it might have cost you to hear a derm’s take on everything from rosehip oil to retinol, now the pros are out in force dispensing advice in a few swipes of your phone.

So, to tap into all of that insider intel here are some of our favourite beauty influencers to follow in 2023.


Mane addicts

Rather than just one account, Mane Addicts (the brainchild of celebrity hairstylist and GLAMO)UR columnist, Jen Atkin), curates the best of hair from hundreds of creators so its a great way to find new accounts to inspire you.

Sal Sal Hair

Our fave mane man for choppy, textured hair, Sal Salcedo is the scissors behind some of our favourite shag cuts, wolf cuts, French bobs and voluminous layers.

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