The Beauty Memo: Lily Singh spills her shiny hair secret and how to meditate her way

Superwoman isn’t just the name of Lily Singh’s Youtube channel, it’s also the word that accurately describes the 29-year-old vlogger, author, actress and possibly funniest woman in the world (just ask her 13 million subscribers).

Here, in our new series, The Beauty Memo, she lets GLAMOUR in on her makeup must-haves, meditation techniques and the beauty secret she learned from Priyanka Chopra.

“My skin is super dry”

I usually turn to skincare products that are hydrating and moisturising – especially face masks!

For brighter eyes, I like to use cooling undereye patches for an extra hit of hydration.

“I’m not a professional when it comes to makeup”

My mantra is all about easy makeup. If I don’t have time to do anything else, I’ll always apply mascara. It’s my must-have. I love Smashbox products because they always look great and are easy to apply.

I haven’t been blessed with the fullest brows so I always fill them in, and when it comes to flawless skin, it’s all in the application.

I never really understood why makeup artists had so many tools, but when I started using brushes and sponges myself, I realised how big a difference they make to your base and complexion.

“Keep it natural”

I let my hair air dry as often as I can and avoid heat on my hair when possible.

I also swear by coconut oil, I use it for everything, in my hair, on my dehydrated skin – it’s the best.

“I’m into my own version of meditation”

I like to take the time to check in with myself and understand how I am feeling each day. I like to find a bright, quiet space and put my thoughts onto paper. I think of it as a mental cleanse.

“I’m awful at drinking water”

If I can drink water during the day, I’m happy! I’m just so bad at it. If I’m at home I make ginger lemon tea with honey to lift my mood.

“Priyanka Chopra told me…”

The beautiful and amazing Priyanka Chopra told me on set once that the secret behind her perfect brows is that she constantly combs them up to keep them looking full and groomed. It’s the simple things!

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