The Beauty Memo: Golden Barbie talks makeup, beauty blunders and Instagram trolls

Whether she’s gracing the red carpet of the MET Gala or the CFDA fashion awards, partying it up in Paris with her famous friends, or chilling on the front row at NYFW, Jasmine Saunders, a.k.a. Golden Barbie, is considered by many to be the most beautiful face on Instagram.

But there’s so much more than meets the eye, as GLAMOUR found out when we flew to L.A. to meet the model and to check out her new collaboration with Smashbox.

Here, she talks all about her biggest beauty blunders, her makeup artist mum and exactly how she deals with Instagram trolls…

“Makeup for me is all about the pigment”

When it comes to makeup, I’m either going to go with no colour at all and just play up my natural golden vibe, or I’m going to go big with colour. I think once a brand has mastered the pigment pay-off, you can manipulate the texture to create any look you like. That’s what I love about Smashbox and my new Covershot Eyeshadow Palettes; they’re just so pigmented and I honestly couldn’t live without the Blaze palette. I need it in my life. It’s got such a good range of shades so I can do neutral or I can do fun and fiery.

The Beauty Memo: Golden Barbie talks makeup, beauty blunders and Instagram trolls

“For good skin I swear by avocado, steam showers and my Clarisonic”

Growing up, my mum would always scream at me to remove my makeup before bed. Obviously, I fell asleep with it on anyway and she would wake me up to go and wash my face. I’m glad she did now! I also swear by avocado, luckily I’m obsessed with it anyway, drinking lots of water and taking steam showers to clear out the pores. And I love my Clarisonic to buff away any dry patches, but I make such a mess with it! There’s cleanser everywhere by the end!

“My mum taught me everything about makeup”

My mum is a makeup artist, she has been my whole life, and growing up she would have these huge suitcases under her bed full of all these amazing products. Me and my sister would always borrow them or play with them and my mum would always show us a new one she had.

“I used to get bullied in high school”

I’ve dealt with bullies all my life, from when I was young and had crazy hair, to when I was in high school. I got braces in my junior year, when I was 16, and most people got them out the way in fifth grade, so I had my ugly duckling stage just as I was starting to be conscious about how I looked.

“I have a love hate relationship with my trolls”

My trolls seem to come in waves. It’s like they’re hibernating and then emerge at the same time. I definitely have a love hate relationship with my trolls – I love them, they hate me. Personally, I just don’t care. I want them to voice their opinion and sometimes they’re right! It’s honest, but it’s kind of rude, like you could have DM’ed me. You didn’t have to tell the whole world I’m wearing too much makeup and now someone else has liked your comment and it’s all very dramatic.

No but seriously, I can deal with the honesty, but when it gets rude or negative, or if it’s just bitchy, I’m like get off my page and do something that makes you happy. I mean, if trolling is what makes you happy, we have a bigger problem here.

The only time it really affects me is when my fans get trolled. Sometimes my fans will defend me and then the trolls will go onto their pages and post rude or offensive comments on their photos. I take that extremely seriously and I feel so bad about that. It’s just sad how much kids go through online these days.

“My hair is the source of many beauty blunders”

When I was younger, I didn’t know what to do with my hair. It was always all over the place. Then when I got into modeling, I went to this shoot and they kept teasing it and teasing it. I was so happy to be there so I just let them do anything they wanted, but I remember thinking “uh-oh”. When I got home, my mum took one look at me and was like, “Ok we need to put mayonnaise in your hair”, I told her “absolutely not” and she said, “ok, go and ask your dad to shave your head, then.” It was not good and that mayonnaise was so smelly. But the pictures were so worth it.

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