The ‘barely there’ nail art trend is perfect for anyone who sucks at at-home manis

Nail art is one of the most expressive, experimental and exciting facets of the beauty world. It can be big, bold, and bright just as easily as it can be minimal and muted.

It can be 3D (case in point last season’s pearl-adorned nails at New York based designed Adeam) and it can even incorporate pieces of jewellery with studs and chains threaded through tips and really coming into their own.

And as with all trends, nail art evolves every season, with innovative new designs created by some of the most talented nail artists and influencers, who take reference from the world of fashion as well as the greater mood of the moment (let us remember the nail art trend involving the Purell hand sanitiser logo earlier this year).

After a year of loud headlines and overwhelming circumstances, it’s little wonder that nail art has taken a calm, considered turn as we venture into the winter months. Now, the most popular designs are what we’re calling ‘barely there’ – delicate brushstrokes that could easily be mistaken as a trick of the light, and subtle nudes and peachy pink colours that blend right into the skin.

Now only are the designs themselves refreshingly minimal, but they also showcase healthy, clean and cared for nails. In terms of the length and shape, there’s so stiletto or coffin tips in sight, and the cuticles are always conditioned to perfection.

It’s dainty, it’s delicate and it’s exactly what we need right now. Keep scrolling to see the very best barely there nail art looks by the pros…

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