The Baogel Is New York City’s Latest Food Hybrid

It’s no secret that social media has turned the culinary world on its head by influencing the way food is plated, served, and marketed. From flaky cronuts (aka croissant donuts) to chocolate-infused wine, crossbreeding has infiltrated the minds of home cooks and celebrity chefs alike.

Today’s take combines one of New York City’s classic cuisines, the bagel, with the bao bun, a trendy street food.

Dubbed as the “Baogel,” it brings together the sesame bagel from Black Seed and the sweet pork belly from Nom Wah Kuai in NYC. Consider it a western spin on the steamed, filled buns that originate in Asia. The pork belly is wrapped in the bagel dough, baked to golden perfection, and served hot with a side of chili cream cheese.

So, what exactly is it – a snack, a breakfast dish, a reimagined dinner only New Yorkers would dream up? Classify it as you wish.

The cross-cultural creation will be available at all NYC Black Seed Bagel locations, as well as the Nom Wah Kuai location at Canal Street Market throughout the month of November for $8.50.

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