July 20, 2024

The back-to-work staples I’ve bookmarked for my return to the office

September is almost here, and with it comes a glorious “fresh start” feeling. I can’t be the only one who sets their “new year’s resolutions” in September and not in January! ? Granted – this year’s back-to-school feels aren’t quite as prominent as usual…

Life seems a little flat after so much uncertainty the gloomiest summer we’ve had in years. But I am returning to the office this month, and what better way to spark that reset feeling with a wardrobe refresh?

I’ve moved on from satisfying my sartorial cravings with purchases of summer dresses and sandals, and am going full-steam-ahead with autumn. Y’know: blazers, winter coats, winter boots, white t-shirts that make all your stalwart staples go the extra mile. Designer handbags to carry my winter gloves, AirPods and perfume in.

Luckily, a whole host of my favourites stores are serving up some epic discount codes right now, so I can make some investment purchases (that – crucially – stand the test of time) for less. What have I bookmarked? There’s a killer pair of Saint Laurent ankle boots which you can get for £873 (down from £970) with these Net-A-Porter discount codes and a Gucci embroidered knit sweater which will set you back £783 rather than the original £870 with the same Net-A-Porter promo code.

Elsewhere, you can get 20% off your £40 New Look order – so I’m picking up this versatile AF off-white sleeveless vest – and with our Hush discount codes, you can get up to 70% off in the end-of-season sale. This boxy fit satin blazer is coming home with me.

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