The awakening of nature

Spring this year is not very similar to the children’s cards for mother on March 8, where the streams and mimosa are painted. But in Siberia it is almost normal, and the loud birds-optimists with their songs already remind: the spring is coming soon.

The more offensive that the awakening of spring, many of us are met with apathy, pale complexion and a desire to sleep on the go. On how to cope with the most frequent spring troubles, overcome avitaminosis, return blush and start to enjoy life, if over the winter you have forgotten it, learned the correspondent of SHE.

How to overcome spring appetite, drowsiness and bad mood

1. Sluggish and lifeless

When nature blooms, not every woman follows her example – it is in the spring that skin problems become more acute: fat is excessively capricious, and dry can “please” you with ecdysis. This is due to the fact that in winter we sit much in the room, and she simply does not have enough oxygen. Therefore, on Friday night you unmistakably distinguish an office worker from a girl who runs around the park in the afternoon.

What to do? 

Shining our cheeks provides not a foundation, but oxygen, which delivers to the skin red blood cells. In sedentary people, the blood moves slowly and to the skin, which is considered even an organ, but peripheral, it goes bad. Therefore, first you need to get up from the chair: while moving, the influx of skin to the skin cells increases, which means that the supply of nutrients to it increases sharply.

But in order for the blood to have something to report to the skin, it must first be eaten. Sitting on a diet in the spring is not recommended: “For the skin you need a fat-soluble vitamin A – it promotes the correct process of keratinization of superficial skin cells, found in butter, egg yolk. Those who eat a leaf of lettuce and boiled rice, these substances do not get “, – says Olga Petrenko, dermatologist KVD number 1. But vitamin A is not the only ally of the skin. He, for example, is poorly digested without zinc, which in itself helps to form the skin cells properly (zinc is rich in marine reptiles).

Also, the skin needs vitamin PP (found in protein and fermented milk foods), selenium (found in fat, byproducts, and also in berries), vitamin C to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. And vitamins of group B should be obtained from gray bread or bran, which is added to cottage cheese, kefir or porridge. 

2. To sleep it would be desirable

If you meet a spring in a half- sleep , it is difficult to estimate beauty of the nature. It’s not just a lack of sleep: if you sleep at night, and in the daytime you still peck at your nose, this is a manifestation of an asthenic syndrome, when the body simply tries to switch to an energy-saving regime. In this case, sleep on weekends is useless.

What to do? 

Spring weakness often develops due to lack of nutrients. Director of SFPSOP Yakov Novoselov recalls: in Siberia, we yearly receive less than 20-40% of important substances, in the spring the deficit is exacerbated, because all the reserves were squandered to fight frost. Because of this, doctors often prescribe a course of multivitamins. An important rule – a course appointment, constantly stimulate the body can not.

“These complexes are designed for the average person, they contain a minimal set of substances, do not help much, but they do not harm either, some concentration still gets into the body,” says the director of the Siberian Center for Biotic Medicine Sergei Efimov. The therapist of ZSM “Zdravitsa” Helen Obut adds: the tone of general massage or reflexotherapy adds a good tone.

Important: if one week after taking vitamins, the well-being does not improve, perhaps, the reason is more serious. “Weakness, lethargy, drowsiness and fragility of hair and nails can be symptoms of reduced thyroid function,” says the therapist, reminding that our region is the leader on thyroid problems.

3. Hunger is not the aunt

In general, spring is supposed to take off with ease: with increasing daylight hours, the habit of seizing a moped usually comes to naught. But not always. “In the spring, there is a seasonal metabolism reorganization, and many vital substances are being spent on this reorganization,” says Yakov Novoselov. The organism, when there is a shortage of stocks, says “I want to eat”, but at the level of consciousness we do not understand what exactly he wants to eat, and from habit we pull a roll into his mouth. In the end, we overeat, but still want to eat.

What to do? 

Maximally diversify your diet with herbal ingredients that contain a large number of vitamins and trace elements. Include in the menu honey, nuts, mushrooms and vegetable soups.

Get out pickles from the cabinets: sauerkraut – the leader in vitamins at this time of year. And do not disdain to lean on carrots, beets and onions – everything that grows in the earth, accumulates most of all the usefulness, and there is a chance that by spring there will be at least something. 

Even imported apples are useful: there may not be vitamins in them, but there is fiber, which cleanses the intestines, and the little that we eat is digested better.

4. Bad mood

It’s amazing how you can fall into a melancholy in the spring, but some manage to do it. “In the pineal body (epiphysis) of the brain, the hormone melatonin is produced, which is activated by the influence of solar radiation. The lack of this hormone is the cause of spring depression, “commented Andrei Ermakov, psychotherapist of the Center for Sanogenic Medicine” Eurasia “. With such a spring as ours, no wonder that the winter depression gradually develops into the spring.

What to do?

To improve the mood during this period, it is recommended to visit the sun more often and move more. “The sun activates the production of vitamin D, it helps assimilate an element such as calcium, which in turn affects the nervous system, it affects the nervous conductivity,” – Sergei Efimov talks about the usual tandem on the new side: calcium affects not only the teeth and bones, but also on the mood.

“In the spring, I would recommend exercise aerobic and emotional,” says Ekaterina Surova, director of fitness for Grand Arena, and offers a choice of dances, steppes, power strike with percussion techniques. All of them give a good emotional splash.

To the sun, vitamins and walks it is very useful to add a smile and less self-criticism. After all, it is known: those who are dissatisfied with what they have achieved over the past season experience the change of seasons especially sharply.

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