The All-Natural Supplement That Gives Maura an All-Natural Boost Before Morning Workouts

Made with – all-organic – rhodiola rosea, matcha tea, beets and maca. Energy Booster, $36, available at Well Told Health.

I’m an insufferable morning exercise person insofar as if I don’t get in a workout before we at Fashionista sign on for work, I just won’t do one that day altogether. It’s not that I don’t enjoy working out in the evenings – there’s something deeply cathartic about sweating out all the gunk you’ve built up, physically or emotionally, over the course of the day – but it’s just that my post-work hours are busy

and if not busy, sacred free time. You get it. So, morning workouts it is.

When Well Told Health’s Energy Boosters landed on my desk as a mailer a few months ago, I was both intrigued and admittedly skeptical. I’m a little neurotic about supplements and already take several, so I wanted to ensure that whatever I was to put in my body wouldn’t interfere with anything else.

And for good reason: You should always consult with your doctor before beginning to take any sort of supplements.

The good news is that these are both all-natural and organic, made with rhodiola rosea, matcha tea, beets and maca. The capsule shells are made of pullulan, a 100 percent vegetable-based tapioca product that’s free from any animal products or chemical modification. And! I’ve found they really do work: I like to pop one once I wake up before I “hit the gym,” as they say in sitcoms and “Jersey Shore,” for that little extra kick.

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