The 8 Best Apps For Getting Your Life Organized Once and For All

Whether you’ve committed to a specific New Year’s Resolution or not, there’s no time like January to focus on getting your you-know-what together – whatever that may look like for you.

Thankfully, the 21st century has provided us with plenty of tools to aid in our personal self-improvement journeys. Read on for the best apps for organizing, budgeting, and taking control of your existence, in 2018 and beyond.


If pinching pennies (or just not dropping your whole paycheck on shoes) is your goal for this year, consider Mint, which allows you to do everything from pay your bills to manage your budget to check your credit score all in one place. It also gives you detailed reports of your monthly spending, so you’ll know if you’ve been buying too many of those $5 almond milk lattes.


24me bills itself as a “smart personal assistant” that combines a calendar, a to-do list, and a notepad and can also sync with your bank, utilities, and social media networks to make sure you never miss another appointment, credit card payment, or cousin’s birthday.


If you’re anything like me, your Apple notepad is near and dear to your heart, but apparently, there’s an even better, more comprehensive option. Evernote allows you to take notes, record voice messages, create to-do lists, and, best of all, clip and save content directly from the web. It also syncs multiple devices automatically, which is great if you work from multiple computers or phones.


If you’re the type who has to reset their credit card password every time they pay the bill (um, hi there), LastPass could be what you need. It remembers all your passwords – from Instagram to Bloomingdale’s to that weird site you use to pay your rent – allowing you to log in easily, even with those crazy gibberish passwords sites are always trying to make you generate. It also allows you to store digital records securely and share passwords confidentially with family members. Sounds worth it to never have to answer a security question about your mom’s maiden name ever again.


Remember Cher’s wardrobe sorting computer from Clueless? Well, this is like that, except on your phone. Snap photos of your wardrobe, upload pics to the Stylebook app, categorize into easy categories like “work” and “cocktail,” and plan your outfits while on the go. You can also add events to a calendar, create packing lists, and store images on a Pinterest-like inspiration library. Basically, with this app, you’ll never suffer a bad outfit day again.


If you’re a social media whiz (or even just a wannabe), Buffer can help with the daunting task of managing multiple accounts at once. Not only does it make scheduling across platforms easy, it provides in-depth analytics that let you know what kinds of content your followers like best. You’ll be a full-fledged, freebie-getting influencer in no time.


Hoping to travel more in 2018? Tripit stores all your travel, hotel, and activity information in one place (perfect for crazy work trips or excursions with multiple stops), transforming it from the bunch of random emails you’re used to dealing with into a sleek and shareable itinerary. With the premium version, you can also track frequent flier miles, locate alternate flights, and get real-time alerts from airlines.


You know all those things you keep saying you’re going to start doing? Like, drinking more water, journaling every day, and calling your mom once a week? Add all those goals into HabitList and not only will it remind you to do them, it will motivate you by keeping track of your “streaks” and helping you focus on what you need to achieve today. You can earn badges, set reminders, and view trends over time. It can even remind you to use the app itself. Now that’s progress!

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