July 15, 2024

The 7 transitional hair hacks everyone needs to know for incredible hair as we head into autumn

We’re not here to shame you but rather arm you with the transitional hair hacks you need to know as we head into a new season. Think of it as undoing all the damage you did to reclaim a healthy head of hair.

Winter is coming, people. As we bask in the last precious few days of British sun, hairdressers insist we turn our attention to the damage we’ve unknowingly done to our hair over the past few months.

Whether you made it to the beaches of Europe, or your paddling pool in your back garden, your hair has taken on heat, humidity, UVA + UVB rays, with a hint of salt, chlorine, and heat damage this summer and you were probably so excited to simply be outside (we feel ya), that you didn’t bother protecting it.

1. Massage your scalp

Massaging your scalp daily for 10 minutes has an incredible effect on the hair (and mind! ). It will relieve tension and increase the blood flow for thicker, healthier, longer hair.

2. Treatment layering

Super-charge your hair by layering hair treatments, this technique is equivalent to a facial but for hair. Simply apply a mask and leave it for 15 minutes, rinse off and towel dry, then repeat twice until you have used three masks in total.

The secret is to start with a protein mask which helps to bind broken fibres together and strengthen fragile, damaged hair. Then follow with a conditioning mask and finish with a colour mask to retain and enhance colour and shine.

3. Cocoon your hair all night long

If you want to take it to the next level, cocooning your hair in a silk hair wrap (we love the Silke London one) each and every night means you can enjoy the natural properties of silk with minimal effort, whilst you sleep.

It distributes the natural oil from your scalp through the mids and ends of your hair, not only avoiding oil build up at the roots, but hydrating through the lengths too. A hair wrap also encourages the hair cuticles to lay flat, banishing that much-loathed frizzy bed head.

4. Wrapping your hair can help hold onto your styling

Wrapping your hair into a loose bun at night (especially before popping on a hair wrap) creates incredible texture without having to reach for damaging heated stylers the next morning.

5. Bigger is better

Swap small brushes for big paddle brushes. As you sweep the paddle brush along the scalp it will lightly massage and increase blood circulation to the scalp, helping to stimulate healthy hair growth. Plus, the wide surface means that more hair is being brushed at once, so less brushing is needed overall and thus less stress is put on the hair.

6. Avoid up-dos that you have to redo time and time again

The more you touch your hair taking it in and out of your up-do, the more dirt and grease you’re rubbing on your locks via your hands, and the more damage you could be causing if you’re too heavy handed.

7. Cold rinse

By rinsing or washing your hair with cold water, you close and seal the hair cuticles which helps add extra shine and combat frizz. If you’re feeling fancy, douse your hair with filtered water, which makes the hair super sleek, soft and shiny.

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