April 17, 2024

The 7 Hottest Sunglasses Trends To Try This Summer

If there are two things a person cannot live comfortably without during the summer, we would argue they are sunscreen and sunglasses. While both shield you from the sun, which we all know is super important, you can admittedly have more fun with shades by finding a pair that matches your personal style or trying on a trendy new style.

That’s why we’ve highlighted some of the hottest eyewear looks from both the runway and the street, complete with a few shoppable options for each.

Here, the top sunglasses trends for 2019. Go ahead and prepare your selfie-facing camera.

The trend: Half-frame

The NYFW Spring/Summer 2019 runways were speckled with models wearing half-frame sunglasses – or sunglasses that look as if they’ve been carefully cut off across the top with the usual rounded bottom.

Notable designers who partook in the trend included Sally LaPointe and Dion Lee, demonstrating how this frame can look futuristic and fashionable without being over-the-top.

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The Trend: Rounded shades

Rounded sunglasses hearken back to the ‘60s and ‘70s, as do a number of the eyewear trends featured in this roundup. Think non-assuming, medium-sized shades versus super tiny sunglasses or those that are oversized. Also, opt for metal frames to keep the look more modern.

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The Trend: Yellow lenses

The runway has seen plenty of yellow in the past few seasons – in clothing, eye makeup, and, yes, sunglasses. Yellow-tinted lenses have been seen on the Fendi, Givenchy, Tibi, and John Elliott runways, and street style fashionistas have aptly warmed up to the hue.

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The Trend: White frames

If you’re not too keen on the yellow, perhaps stark white is more your vibe. Keeping with the ‘70s theme, thick white frames can currently be found on sunglasses of every shape and size. The best part is that they pair easily with almost your entire wardrobe.

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The Trend: Cat eye

Honestly, cat eye sunglasses will probably never go out of style, but the sleek and elongated cat-eye is particularly trendy right now. Still, nobody would bat an eye if you went with a more robust option.

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The Trend: Aviator

Aviator sunglasses are another style that’s here to stay and for good reason: The shape is universally flattering. Though lots of brands make their own version, the original aviator purveyors were designed by Bausch Lomb, the company that founded Ray-Ban. (Ray-ban is a seriously underappreciated brand name, btw. ) For a more modern vibe, try a pair with rainbow or ombre lenses.

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The Trend: Geometric shapes

This list wouldn’t be complete without a little geometric fun thrown into the mix. Both hexagons and octagons are winning the race in terms of preferred shape, and you can find them in both small and large sizes.

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