July 18, 2024

The 50 best nail Polish of all time

Towhich shades are suitable for short nails? What paint will last the longest? What tools to choose for the fashion manicure? The best varnishes in the collection BeautyHack!

Лаки для ногтей Le Vernis, 556 Beige, 548 Blanc, 546 Rouge, Chanel

Nail Polish Le Vernis, Beige 556, 548 Blanc, 546 Rouge Chanel

Lucky good consistency, lay down uniformly even in a single layer. Comfortable smooth brush.

Nail Polish Vernis Couture, 338 Mirage, 268 Ruban, Dior

Лаки для ногтей Vernis Couture, 338 Mirage, 268 Ruban, Dior

Good and smooth fit, comfortable brushes and clean shades. Tone Ruban – c fine shimmer, beautifully shimmers in the sun.

Nail Miracle Gel, Pink Jellyfish 143, 141, Tropic Relief, 153 Array Sorbet, Sally Hansen

Лаки для ногтей Miracle Gel, 143 Pink Jellyfish, 141 Tropic Relief, 153 Sorbet Array,Sally Hansen

Thick coatings with a fairly long brush but the coating is smooth, dense.

Nail Polish Nail Atelier, 149, 124, Vivienne Sabo

Лаки для ногтей Nail Atelier, 149, 124,Vivienne Sabo

In terms of price and quality – perfect. Easily and smoothly with a very comfortable brush. Mint and lavender – the trendy colors. Nodoby should be applied in 3 layers.

Nail Gel effet, 602 Rose Gel, L’etoile

Лаки для ногтей Gel effet, 602 Gel Rose,Л'Этуаль

A decent budget option – clean color shade, easy to apply.

Lac “perfect nails”, Rose Peche, Dr. Pierre Ricaud

Лак«Безупречные ногти»,Rose Peche,Dr. Pierre Ricaud

Peach shade with shimmer, perfect for tanned skin. The translucent varnish, apply 3 coats with a top.

Nail Polish Le Vernis, 68 Turquoise Agave, Yves Rocher

Лак для ногтей Le Vernis, 68 Turquoise Agave,Yves Rocher

Lac Yves Rocher pleasantly surprised: trendy mint green and liquid, but thick consistency.

Nail Polish Instant Adventure, Essence

Лак для ногтей Instant Adventure, Essence

Black-cherry lacquer-saver for those who love dark shades, but not willing to put up with the complexities of their application and drying. First, the promise on the bottle that the varnish can be applied in a single layer – do not be deceived: pigment so much that one layer is really enough for full coverage. And secondly, the wide rounded brush just cover one nail you can paint over the corners.

Nail Polish Superstar, Kure Bazaar

Лак для ногтейSuperstar, Kure Bazaar

The brand Kure Bazaar formula is great in any texture, but sparkles, as always, to dry particularly well and quickly. Large foxay glitter Superstar looks festive and the color lacquer (like its blue counterpart in the manicure from the salon Kynsi) in and of itself.

Nail Polish Light Bloom, Dolce Gabbana

Лак для ногтейLight Bloom, Dolce Gabbana

Dense pastel blue hue refers to the autumn collection, but is still for sale and would be more than appropriate during the holidays: blue – traditional “winter” color, referring to the snowflakes, clouds and other attributes of our climate. The varnish a good texture – it falls flat, and without bands, that this raspalennoe color a great success.

Nail Polish Berrara, Christina Fitzgerald

Лак для ногтейBerrara, Christina Fitzgerald

For those who long for bright colors with lots of sequins and red: as blue as the waters of the Pacific, to whom he dedicated the shade of Berrara. In the traditional understanding of blue nail Polish is a summer story, but Christine Fitzgerald does not agree: releasing a Christmas set of blue polishes Snow Cone, she clearly had in mind not only American dessert, but is actually a snowy hill.

Nail Polish Moondust, Ciaté

Лак для ногтейMoondust, Ciaté

From Ciaté, cosmetics which we not once wrote, the nail varnish is traditionally a strong side. New this year is a line of Gelology, designed, like many others, to replace the gel polishes due to its durability and duochrome effect, which can usually be achieved only by tirkai. Purple-gold Moondust – snag: I would like to Shine, it looks almost newdom.

Nail Polish Hazel, Zoya

Лак для ногтейHazel, Zoya

Marche well be the metallics and glitters, in its huge range it is difficult to choose the most sparkling and the most festive nail. We eventually settled on Hazel is bluish-grey hue of a stormy sea, which involved small gold and silver particles. Moderately strict, but very festive.

Nail lacquer – Kundalini Hustle, Smith Cult

Лак для ногтейKundalini Hustle, Smith Cult

The main Swedish beauty blogger viola KillerColours, wrote about this nail Polish that easily would have done without 90% of its red collection for vivid scarlet Kundalini Hustle, so it’s perfect. This brand, which makes beautiful and original cosmetics, the most famous names their polishes with great formula and colors.

Nail Polish Le Vernis, Rouge Puissant, Chanel

Лак для ногтей Le Vernis,Rouge Puissant, Chanel

New year’s manicure with classic lacquer Chanel – what a way to feel like a heroine of the French drama. Rouge Puissant perfect some Catherine Deneuve, it’s called “powerful red” – perfectly reflects its essence: it is a real right shade of red, not scarlet and wine.

Nail Polish Metal Poison, Dior

Лак для ногтей Poison Metal, Dior

One of the four main shades updated this year collection of enamels Dior – wine-brown metallic Metal Poison (with the same name exists and liquid lipstick Rouge Dior Liquid). The color will suit the most discerning femme fatale – at the same time severe and fatal. Mark calls the advantages of the new formula gloss and durability, comparable to a gel Polish.

Nail Polish Jasper, JINSoon

Лак для ногтей Jasper, JINSoon

Mistress the perfect formulas and shades of gin sung did a lacquer-holiday red hue – check, dark undertone – check, glitter check, he is not capricious formula and brush – check. Besides, Jasper – universal tone: it is possible even for a disco, though on an official reception. But it is better to a disco!

Gift set Glitter Boom Cool, Kure Bazaar

Подарочный набор Glitter Boom Cool, Kure Bazaar

Nail polishes have long been “registered” in the best beauty salons and nail studios, and love them at least unusual palette and constantly updated collections, and a maximum of natural ingredients. Varnishes are 85% composed of wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn, and laid the basis of their 4-free formula, thanks to which the nails are not dry and does not absorb a lot of carcinogens.

Gift set Glitter Boom Cool – a striking proof that even the most colorful and eye-catching varnishes can be natural. By the way, in a set of three glitter plum shade Superstar, gold-tone sequin Diva and base coat. Varnishes can be used as a separate coverage and also as an added accent over the colorful nail Polish. And if you mix both of varnish, and even to grab a brilliant brush from a set, we can safely claim the title of Queen of the party or the magic fairy as you like.

Collection of nail LA LA Land, Orly

Коллекция лаков LA LA Land, Orly

Inspired by the loudest premiere of winter – painting, “La La land”, the brand Orly has created a new collection of varnishes. In the line 6 spring shades with Hollywood names – pale pink “Head in the clouds” coral “Captivating California” mint “Dreams in the big city” and three colors: fuchsia, shimmering opal and sky blue.

There is a collection of mini varnishes. Advice from the editors BeautyHack – boldly mixes all the shades to bright, or Vice versa, pastel manicure!

Nail Polish Vinylux “Winter illusion”, Winter Nights, CND

Лак для ногтей Vinylux «Зимняя иллюзия», Winter Nights, CND

Laki CND, known for its iron-concrete durability, continue to make new shades. Winter collection dedicated to the Northern lights and the glitter and snow or diamonds, everyone decides for himself.

In the “Winter illusion” contains six new shades of CND Shellac and Vinylux six – for those who prefer a classic coverage, which is able to get through the week. Cobalt shade of Winter Nights at the same time reminiscent of the evening sky and the peacock’s tail – apply smoothly with first layer and dries quickly. But if you want to get some ideas of manicure, read our special selection.

Nail Polish Sunset Island, Christina Fitzgerald

Лак для ногтей Island Sunset, Christina Fitzgerald

Once the founder of Australian brand Christina Fitzgerald was a master of nail service and worked in the nail room. Now she creates her collection of funds and shapes the world of nail trends. For example, popular with dedicated manicure nails (middle and ring) came up with it.

A new shade a perfect match for the name “Crimson sunset” – at least, images are drawn such: red sky, black silhouettes of palm trees in the background and the lapping of the waves nearby. And for those who doesn’t know how to add this bright color to your casual look, Christine recommends: “Combine varnish with a striped shirt, leather skirt and jacket caramel color”.

Nail Polish Nail Lacquer, Rose Snow, Kure Bazaar

Лак для ногтей Nail Lacquer, Rose Snow, Kure Bazaar

French brand Kure Bazaar produces varnishes, 85% made from natural ingredients – wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn. In them you will not find any formaldehyde, no toluene or other substances that transforms your nails in a dry croissant.

On the contrary, the Kure Bazaar lacquers strengthen and smooth the surface of your nails, and shades always meet the fashion trends. Translucent Rose nodoby Snow, for example, will appeal to those who like a natural manicure. In one layer you get the effect is not varnished nails as the following layers will create a very delicate shade of pink. By the way, to find out which of the stars will definitely want to add Snow Rose from Kure Bazaar to its collection of lacquers, you can here.

Nail Polish Color Therapy, Sally Hansen

Лак для ногтей Color Therapy, Sally Hansen

Lucky Color Therapy promised not only the coating uniformity and durability, but the departure is a breakout! The included argan oil and evening primrose and extracts of acai, so they can be safely applied without a base to all the effective ingredients absorbed into the structure of the nail. If early therapeutic ducky meant a hardly noticeable translucent shade (in the best case, milk), now even under the candy pink and dark Indigo nails get all the necessary nutrients.

The novelty is ideal for those who have decided to “pause” relations with gel-lacquers. Color Therapy restores dry the nail plate and firmly hold up to ten days without chipping. A wide brush will appeal to those who do not have the skill of a skilled coating – agent is applied in just two movements.

Nail Polish Breathable Treatment + Color, ORLY

Лак для ногтей Breathable Treatment + Color, ORLY

Thanks to the Breathable range from the American brand, ORLY, you can forget about boring transparent, strengthen nails, varnish. And recently the collection was supplemented by 18 new shades for all occasions – here and sky blue and emerald of the new year, and a favorite of the British Royal family Nude.

The technology is the same – lacquer your nails “breathe”. After applying on the nails creates a film that allows oxygen, moisture and active ingredients of the means to reach the surface of the nail. Includes argan oil, vitamin C and the best friend of hair and nails Pro-vitamin B5, which promotes rapid nail growth and strengthening. And a bonus for those who paint your nails five minutes before midnight – formula all-in-one allows you to put the lucky Breatheable without base and top coat.

The nail Polish Color, Culture, shade Oliver+Bond, Christina Fitzgerald

Лак для ногтей Color Culture, оттенок Oliver+Bond, Christina Fitzgerald

Australian manicurist Christina Fitzgerald founded his namesake label a decade ago and never ceases to please new collections and excellent care for your hands and feet. Not to mention prochnoy the technique of manicure, and the world learned just because of Christine.

The Polish “Culture of color” in the shade of Oliver lovers the colors this year are purple, and the coating to be more resistant, comes with a special tool Bond, degreasing the surface of the nail. In LACs Christina Fitzgerald well all the quality color and ease of application (only two or three strokes of the brush), and durability. And very nice when the founder of the brand really thinks through every detail, for example, Oliver blends perfectly with any skin tone.

Nail lacquer Rouge Dior Vernis, Minimal, Dior

Лак для ногтей Rouge Dior Vernis, Minimal, Dior

Bright nodoby Lak – a win-win, if you want me to bring hands in order. Shade Minimal, Dior visually lengthen the fingers, plus a neutral manicure appropriate in the office and at parties and is suitable for all outfits. Good news for fans of gel-lacquers: as a hue close to skin color, nobody will notice that you have time for a correction.

Nail Polish Savane, Kure Bazaar

Лак для ногтей Savane, Kure Bazaar

If you want something neutral, but intense, pay attention to sandy shade Savane from Kure Bazaar. This kind of camel coat for nails – he is all. This color looks great on light and dark skin, and neutralises redness of the hands. However, dark shades, even sudovye require careful attention to the manicure. Take care that the nails were the same length and shape, gently move the cuticle and moisten it.

Nail Polish “Luxury gloss” Giordani Gold “Precious pearl”, Oriflame

Лак для ногтей «Роскошный глянец» Giordani Gold «Драгоценный жемчужный», Oriflame

Gentle dairy shades look great on the “snow white”, but the owners of dark and tanned skin is better to pay attention to a darker color of paint to sudovogo manicure, or choose uncompromising white lacquer (this, by the way, one of the main trends of last summer).

It is important to remember that the bright accessories for sudovogo manicure often fall unevenly, so be sure to use a base and then apply the coating preferably in two or three layers.

The nail Polish 60 seconds, 7, Maybelline

Лак для ногтей Colorama 60 seconds, 7, Maybelline

Caramel Nude shade is definitely worth a try. First, all the lacquers from the line of Colorama 60 Seconds as the name suggests, lightning fast dry – a real salvation, when doing a manicure on the run. Secondly, this shade is perfect for skin with warm and olive undertone and also advantageously emphasizes the tan. On pinkish skin, this varnish enhances the redness, so try to avoid hot water and always wear gloves.

Nail Polish 500 Desert Disguise, Camo Girl 465, 801, Blackout, Rimmel

Лаки для ногтей 500 Desert Disguise,465 Camo Girl, 801 Blackout,Rimmel

Varnishes comfortable wide brush is not very dense consistency. Black color with the first layer falls like gray, therefore, to put it better in two layers. With the application of the khaki won’t be a problem, but beige will be applied in three or even four layers of mother – of-pearl can lay down stripes.

Nail Polish Lasting Color Gel, 180, Pupa

Лак для ногтей Lasting Color Gel, 180,Pupa

For a budget brand this nail Polish is a godsend! Fits well, thick, gives a glossy Shine even without a top coat. Liked his little volume is a reasonable as long as the Polish is thick and dries quickly. Tip from the master: to prolong varnish life, after each use, do not be lazy to wipe the neck of the bottle.

Nail Polish Brown Collection 02 Sophisticated Vogue, Catrice

Лак для ногтей Brown Collection, 02 Sophisticated Vogue,Catrice

Another decent budget Polish. In the Brown Collection includes 5 shades: bronze, brown, red and Golden. Shade 02 – pearly brown-beige. Dense, but because of the pearl can be strip – to gently to brush.

Convenient bottle: the large lid can be removed and keep the Polish for a more compact, corrugated cap.

Nail Polish, Sunset, Kure Bazaar

Лак для ногтей,Sunset, Kure Bazaar

Lacquers of Kure Bazaar is known for its natural formulations. The Creator of the brand – French model Kartika Luye – developed especially for pregnant women. On its order in the lab did what no one else did: varnishes, consisting of wood resin, corn, wheat, cotton and potatoes. The formula is 4-free without formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, synthetic camphor and toluene.

The varnish, which we tested, is very lightweight bottle, standard tassel and thick, but not thick consistency. In the photo the color looks brighter in real life he’s more subdued, berry. Did not notice that the varnish without the smell – it smells like all the lakes.

Nail Polish, Exit The Void, Smith Cult

Лак для ногтей, Exit The Void, Smith Cult

American brand Smith Cult is original. On the strange order. 1) a Huge round vials with specially rumpled covers; 2) an 8-free formula: no toluene, formaldehyde resin, camphor, dibutyl phthalate, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, trifiletti, formaldehyde; 3) Short brush, which is easier to control the application; 4) description of the shades made in the form of stories from the diary buthole.

Nail Polish Bella Winter Palace, Christina Fitzgerald

Лак для ногтей Bella Winter Palace,Christina Fitzgerald

Varnishes Christina Fitzgerald with purple caps know all the stars: this Australian brand, you can find the most unusual color. We have tested cool pastel mint shade “Winter Palace”. It is recommended to apply three layers – this bright polishes don’t fall the first time.

The lucky Сhristina Fitzgerald has an unusual ingredient: clay. It hydrates and evens the nail plate, which is especially important with the onset of cold weather.

Nail Polish Vernis Lacquier Esmale, Just Bitten, Black Cherry, Orly

Лаки для ногтей Lacquier Vernis Esmale,Just Bitten,Black Cherry,Orly

Giant nail care industry Orly we never disappoint. Broad, smooth brush, dense texture, bright colors, glossy Shine lacquers are applied in just a few seconds and look perfect. By the way, brushes from Orly’s new, before they were less. And new caps – rubberized and form with the patented Gripper Cap to apply varnish was even easier.

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