June 24, 2024

The 5 Clever Home Tours You Loved the Most This July

Try as we might to be original, we can’t help but love a fixer-upper. It’s more than just the look of the place, it’s the redemption story: a once-grand home (even if it’s tiny! ) rescued at the last moment from total abandon and given a new lease on life. Crying yet?

With the right eye and enough contemporary touches, those old walls don’t just talk, they reinvent themselves anew for the present owners and anyone lucky enough to walk the halls. It’s enough to make a grown adult stare obsessively at their computer screen even in the middle of the dog days of summer – which is apparently what you’ve been doing, because our most popular home tours of July are mostly fixer-uppers.

That and a few curve balls, including the Brooklyn home of a design obsessive and another NYC apartment so contemporary it originally looked like a space ship. Read on to see what homes our readers loved peering into this July.

Peeking into the founder of design shop Fort Standard’s Brooklyn apartment is like diving headlong into the brand itself – there are must-see details galore, like this super chic appliance nook.

If you’re into the whole old-meets-new style of decorating, you’ll be slack-jaw over the transformation of this Italianate mansion in upstate New York.

For proof that prefab does not necessarily mean predictable, take a look at this Bavarian beauty made modern and sleek.

It’s not everyday you get to peer into the nooks and crannies of a painstakingly restored 19th-century log cabin that was originally designed for Jackie O.

Modernists, rejoice: Our most popular home tour of the month is so contemporary, it originally looked like the inside of a space ship.

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