The 5 Biggest Food and Drink Trends at the Texas State Fair

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and the edible treats at the annual state fair are no exception. In fact, this fair, which takes place in Dallas, has become so well known for its decadent desserts, deep-fried creations, and cool cocktails, people travel far and wide just to stuff their faces (and social feeds).

Starting on October 22, we’ve watched as our Instagrams became full of insane fair favorites.

Check out some of the biggest food and drink trends below.

Tamale Donut

Is it savory? Is it sweet? Is it spicy? Apparently, the tamale donut is made with slow-cooked pork, traditional seasonings, and topped with a jalapeño sauce.

Oreo Beer

Oreos are a state fair staple. This popular beer from the Lone Star State is an American milk stout garnished with an Oreo cookie and crumbs. Sounds delicious.

Funnel Cake Beer

If that’s not enough, there’s another dessert-flavored beer. Funnel Cake Ale is supposedly similar to an English Summer Ale with its bready finish, and vanilla beans are added to the aging process to give it a sweet kick.

Crawfish Lollipop

You guessed it: a deep-fried (obviously) crawfish on a stick.

Smokey Bacon Margarita

Bacon makes everything better (am I right?), and the smokey flavor is known to pair well with tequila. This cocktail is served frozen and infused with bacon-y goodness.

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