April 17, 2024

The 5 best-selling dresses on Topshop right now prove we’re all a sucker for this shape and style

There is something impossibly alluring and irresistible about that care-free, slip-on number that makes the age-old ‘day-to-night’ infinitely easier.

While we can all pretend to have our own individual sense of style – and many of us do, on occasion – we all come back to the floaty (often floral) dress every. Single. Summer.

Work in a corporate office? Wear it with some court shoes and swap them for a sassy sandal for drinks with friends later on.

Work somewhere a little more relaxed? A white trainer will do the job, before you change into a little ankle boot for a summer evening festival.

The sartorial opportunities of a little floaty dress are endless, but we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t the comfort and one-hit-wonder nature (no one likes ‘curating a look’ in 35°C) that sees us reaching for yet another every other morning.

So which ones are proving the most popular this summer? We caught up with Topshop to discover their best-selling dresses this month, and while they’re no doubt known for having a smorgasbord of sexy ‘OUT out’ pieces, it’s their floaty day dresses that take up all five top spots.

1. The Floral Ruffle Midi, £49, Topshop

2. The Floral Mini, £35, Topshop

3. The Pink Leopard Pinafore, £49, Topshop

4. The Starlight Spot Smock, £39, Topshop

5. The Satin Pleat Shirt Dress, £39, Topshop

“Dresses are a key focus for us as business and we’ve been creating new pieces in a variety of different prints, fabrics and styles”, revealed Anthony Cuthbertson, Topshop’s Global Design Director.

“Floral dresses in particular have been selling out fast – in fact they’re so popular that they are searched for over 200 times a day online. ”

So how many of the top five have you got? Or, rather, how many floaty summer dresses have you got altogether? Possibly time to start streamlining that wardrobe…?

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