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The 30 most resistant tools, Swatch

Ttional basis which is not “funneling” of wet snow, the concealer with a light texture and phenomenal durability, bronzer, which will refresh the face in the grey weather and a lip gloss that will last until the evening – editors BeautyHack chose tools that will not ruin your makeup and help you survive this winter.

Foundation Proof Backstage Dior Runway, Dior

We already told you about the high-profile launch this summer – the line brand that will appeal to not only professional, but beginners (and help to do makeup in the salon, even if you do not wear makeup).

In the palette, which was brought to the Russian market, are 21 hue – an impressive variety, in which the girl with any skin tone will be able to choose your color. After the sheen dream, I can appreciate the Foundation with a radiant finish (by the way, may be applied to the body, correcting deficiencies in the area of the neckline or shoulders).

The tools are very light fluid texture that does not affect resistance type of Foundation that lasted on my face for 8 hours. The intensity of the tone can be varied – I had a light coating and I applied the product with fingertips.

If you want a thicker finish, distribute the medium flat brush (I used a brush from the same collection of the brand). But to get the effect perfect skin, like fashion shows, apply three layers (face will not look like a mask – I checked! ).

Bonus: the waterproof formula means you don’t fear the rain and snow, makeup does not “flow away” from your face.

Concealer Water Blend, R210, Make Up For Ever

Usually from the summer holiday I returned with a tan and to late fall, try not to use dense tonal resources. BB cream or tone with the super-light texture – my choice. Gently and imperceptibly smooth the skin, especially when the sun leaves it. About favorite BB cream Erborian on all occasions I have mentioned above, but another one of my faithful companion – tonal cream for face and body (which is important (! ), for the neck, décolleté and collarbones. ) Water Blend Make Up For Ever. I tried it for the first time a couple of years ago, when I worked in the Allure magazine (that he, incidentally, has received General recognition award Best Of Beauty).

What I like:

1) watery texture, medium to 80 percent water. Simply put, it’s like water mixed with pigment. But does not spread on the skin, and instantly fixed.

2) the ease of applying: I want a puff, I want a brush you want – with your fingers. In a hurry prefer the last option.

3) For what does not weigh down the skin and do not feel it.

4) For the resistance (caused from morning to evening I forgot).

Suitable for those who have no particular problems with the skin and active lesions: unfortunately, the tool does not overlap. But the owners of the skin prone to dryness, – note: Foundation does not emphasize the face, and is a great bonus.

Tonal mousse Face Fabric Foundation Giorgio Armani

Tone means I have a long love – the imperfections on the face do not allow me to do only a light base with Shine and concealer as dictate the trends of the season. Always looking for light makeup that will not look on the face mask and matches my light skin tone. With brand legend was familiar to the restart, but the new formula has left more positive impressions. Why?

Tone mousse – the ideal tool if you want to create the effect of sleek, smooth skin. And it looks as if you didn’t wear makeup. The tools are light texture and very pleasant floral scent that disappears quickly after application. The consistency is more like a moisturizer – distribute it with your fingers over the entire face, avoiding the under eye area. But with brush and byteblastermv also means “friends”. Tint adjusts the color of your skin for 2 minutes, making it velvety to the touch. Despite its lightweight texture means perfectly covers imperfections and redness – concealer is only needed to conceal dark circles (look for the best in our collection).

The tool looks like a gentle cotton. I think the whole thing in 3D technology, which was used when developing the formula: imperfections like smoothed. If the skin is Melusine, don’t worry – the tool will not emphasize them. The mousse is perfect for the hot season – light texture that does not “flow away” from the face. Bonus – it doesn’t need setting powder.

Two additional plus – flow rate and durability. My face has lasted 8 long hours. A small pea is enough for one use – I think the tool will stay long in my purse.

Foundation Natural Radiant Longwear Founaion, Nars

In tonal creams always looking for a replacement for BB – media. Love them with all my heart for the moisturizing effect and natural glow. Sad one “but” – they do not stand up working day, absorbed without a trace, leaving only a light pigment. Concealer, on the contrary, promised up to 16 hours of resilience and did not disappoint!

Apply it in the morning before going to work and at five o’clock in the evening do not look pale “trudarmy” that just wants to fall face in the pillow.

If no lyrics, then the Foundation is not thick, moisturizing ingredients (extracts of raspberry, Apple and watermelon), but feels oily.

Divided well (I apply with fingertips and brush on the right), leaves a shiny finish and is not felt during the day.

The tool is recommended for dry skin, but my mixed basis came due to the light texture. A big plus – in the line 33 shade, that is, chance to miss, no!

Concealer against dark circles momentary Instant Concealer, Clarins

I’m not a fan of makeup, but concealer is included in the mandatory daily minimum (in my case dark circles is a cosmetic feature, not signs of fatigue).

I always try to choose products that contain the composition effect of filler components. This means they are more than enough: caffeine, stimulating metabolic processes in tissues (it turns out that “make” it not only inside), aloe extract, soothing the skin, and a couple of “fighters” for a radiant look.

The tool is very persistent: as in the song – neither snow, nor heat, nor torrential rain are not afraid of him. The texture is light – not felt on the skin.

Effect – great: after not a single person will guess that the night you danced at a foam party, and not hugging the pillow.

Another bonus – part of the means of reflective Light Optimizing complex, which helps to redistribute the shadow. Nothing to complain about.

Cream concealer Radiant Creamy Concealer, NARS

The easy applicator (like lip gloss) it is easy to spread the product under the eyes and blend with your fingers.

“Cheers” to cope with dark circles under the eyes and stand to the evening. Creamy in texture concealer does not dry the skin and refreshes the eyes with a pearlescent particles in the composition.

Beached bronzer Bronzer, Sun-kissed, Urban Decay

The first thing that “hooked” look – the packaging. Palm trees on the glossy surface reminiscent of the sea and under the sun tanned skin. At sea, the tool, alas not survive, but to achieve the effect of tanned skin – helps with ease.

Bronzer have a matte finish and silky texture – a means good shade, creating a natural shade with bronze tones.

Paint not only the face but also on exposed areas of the body – the collarbone and shoulders to create a contrast between the exposed areas of the skin.

A big plus bronzer – its durability. It does not “flow away” from the face, not afraid of wind and wet snow.

Cream blush Cream Blusher Sexy Shiny Peach, Romanovamakeup

Olga Romanova – master resistant texture and versatile tools that are suitable to all girls without exceptions. I’m not change resistant lipsticks and brow gel Romanovamakeup, and this fall discovered and blush.

Shiny Peach – full-bodied orange shade with shimmering particles in the packaging and delicate peach on the skin (but of course, it all depends on your perseverance when applying). Due to the creamy texture of the blush is easily typed on a brush or byteblaster and easily spread on the skin, leaving no stains.

This files most often put their fingertips and have no problems with the feather. A great tool highlights the cheekbones and brightens complexion (if you apply it on the apples of the cheeks).

Matte blush “fuchsia Lace” 04, Yves Rocher

Capricious “guys”, but if you adapt, get the effect of a healthy glow, as if just returned from 14 day stay in Capri. Where whims?

Matte blush (due to this stubborn), have a dense powdery texture, shade 04 – bright and at one wrong movement leaves the skin slick. Therefore, distribute the paint you need quickly and skillfully, after typing on a fluffy brush (fingers and other tools – not your mates).

The tool looks good on well-groomed skin, but if you have a problem – matte texture of them only emphasize. Want to glow in the style of “17 again”, pre-moisten the skin – I use the serum and cream (read here).

For eyes and eyebrows

Resistant pencil for eyebrows Long-Lasting Brow Liner Alchem, Rouge Bunny Rouge

The eyebrow makeup, I prefer funds with a dry texture. Yes, they are more difficult to apply (requires “jewelry” and painstaking work with a brush), and holiday have to bring a separate purse with the funds for the eyebrows. But this pencil has replaced to me the whole beauty Arsenal.

The tools are slim automatic pencil means no need to sharpen and you can create a line of any thickness (in the mood). Light texture-based wax, like glides on the brows, rastushevyvaet. The pigment is bright, but not too dark, matte finish and natural effect! But the main thing – water resistance: pencil passed the test of rain and sea spray.

Powdery liner for eyebrows Brow Thickener, 03, Sephora

The liner is very easy to use, a few movements and you will get a broad, natural eyebrow. The tools are a bright pigment, but don’t be afraid to put more money than you need – flaws could be easily corrected with a brush on the back side of the liner.

It perfectly distributes the tool parallel to the shading it. Pleased and vitality during the day he travelled on my oily skin.

Back Talk Palette, Urban Decay

I think many familiar with this situation, when from the airport on arrival should not go with a swollen face and bruises under his eyes, and almost “on the ball” (those who fly often on business trips, where every hour, – take note). New UrbanDecay saves a lot of space in your bag: consists of eight eyeshadows (there are like sudovye and bright) and of the four pigments (two of highlighter and two blushes).

Shades 3Sheets (light pink), Bare (soft beige with shimmer), Curve (color ashen roses, also with shimmer) I use the solo when necessary on the run to spread the product on the eyelids (fortunately, tushuyutsya excellent). Shade (purple glitter), Attitude (fiery shimmer), WTF (matte brown) and 180 (dark brown with shimmer) – bright and saturated colors quite unusual for eye makeup.

My favorite technique is to apply over the entire mobile eyelid Curve and create a fire haze at the outer corners with Attitude, mucosa to emphasize the 180-th and under the eyebrow to distribute the highlighter PartyFoul.

Now let’s talk about the pigments for the face. I really liked the cool pink CheapShot gives a blush like after hour walk in the winter woods. But DoubleTake warmer will perfectly emphasize the tan. In a palette of highlighter two – LowKey (peach) and PartyFoul (cold pink).

Stable, does not crumble, are applied “on the run” – great! And it also comes with a mirror that the magnet is attached to the palette. It is easy to detach, so as not to keep packing on weight makeup. The novelty is left to chance – now it is my indispensable travel companion.

Shadow Pro Longwear Paint Pot, Quite Natural, M. A. C

Funds with a dense consistency – one of the most persistent shadows in the beauty market. But their love is not only vitality – bodily shades have fantastic color reproduction, and increasingly they are used as the base color (bonus – they also prolong the durability of eye shadow you apply on top).

Easily distributed tool on century fingertips, but they managed to “make friends” with a brush. Not very fast, “frozen” – even at the beginner bodylotion time to shade them, to place and correct. And fingers from the heat like melt on the eyelid – you can vary the intensity.

Owners of oily skin type should be careful, apply an additional primer, not to worry about the durability of the makeup before the end of the day. The tool that “illuminates” the other shadows from the inside, making them noticeably brighter pigment.

And the most important rule – cover the jar tightly, otherwise you risk to see the dried up remedy, which will be impossible to use. And the volume of his impressive – as much as 5 ml (economical! ).

Intensive resistant eyeliner Signature De Chanel, Chanel

Have funds liquid texture that dries quickly – has already bid for success.

The brush applicator is very soft, but not “smearing” tool on century, and like slides on it, leaving a smooth black trail. The coating is satin and very pigmented, the tool does not need layering.

You can easily create broad arrow: use the flat side of the applicator. Additionally, the tool is water resistant and will last on your eyelids up to 9 hours – in the composition is film-forming polymers, which are not harmful to the eyes, but is tightly “nailed” the eyeliner to your eyelid.

On first use you need to spin the body of the pen and press the cartridge – if you hear a click, then you are doing well. Put eyeliner on the table for a few minutes so that the rod is filled with color – the intensity of coverage achieved at the expense of such “designer”.

Bonus – tool comfortable to use if you wear contact lenses. Dryness and irritation in your eyes does not appear.

Thin waterproof liquid eyeliner Perversion Waterproof Fine-Point Eye Pen, Urban Decay

Of eyeliner-a felt tip pen I’m waiting for a few things: uniform rich pigment, perfect durability and ease of application.

The remedy Urban Decay have dealt with this trio of challenges and have earned a permanent place in my purse “exit”.

Due to the thin tip, you can draw both wide and thin arrows, and even paint over migracyjne space. The facility boasts a waterproof formula and rich pigment, so it lasts all day even on the eyes.

I liked cartridgesa system – black, tar-like pigment is distributed evenly, there is no need to put pressure on the tip or stretch the skin.

Eyeliner Tattoo Signature Superliner, L’Onreal

Eyeliner in the form of a token is always a great idea for fine and precise shooter. But this means you get the perfect arrows of any length, thickness and intensity – this will help convenient close-tip.

High pigmentation and durability too pleased – the black line remained in place until the end of the day and is not cracked.

Please note – ink dries fast – you will have no margin for error. But with a tip means easy to “fill the hand”, if you are just beginning to draw the arrow. However, the translucent cover can be expected – the deep, black shade.

Waterproof gel eyeliner Gel EyelinerWaterproof, Clarins

I just could not pass this “miracle” in a smart red box! This tool breaks all the stereotypes about the connections. Coal pigment in a glass jar and a small brush – this one?

With straight lines (namely, need for wide arrows) I have a problem and at first was overcome by doubts – whether? Spoiler: could – broad arrow turned out perfect.

All thanks to gel, soft consistency. While applying eyeliner does not spread and does not crumble like a pencil. Remedy pigmented in one layer. Eyeliner perfectly applied, migracyjne space – no unexamined areas! The makeup is bright and graphic – what you need!

Resistant gelliner for eye EyeStudio Lasting Drama, Maybelline New York

About this sensational eyeliner I dreamed a long time ago, but didn’t want to risk it. Never draw arrows with a brush and was afraid to turn into a Panda or a lady with curves. But this means no problems even for those girls who have never held a pencil.

The secret is in the plastic texture and very convenient brush – it goes in the set. You can choose: thin line, drawing mirosnikova edge, broad arrow or feathered smoky eyes.

The product leaves a glossy finish. So the liner didn’t stick, let it dry a couple of minutes.

The manufacturer promises durability for 24 hours. I did not dare to wear eyeliner for so long, but from the morning until late at night, the vehicle behaves well and does not crumble, does not spoil the makeup.

Mascara for eyelashes Baby Doll, Yves Saint Laurent

One of the few mascaras for eyelashes, which suits me on all parameters (other that the sponge does not hold! ).

First, insanely comfortable large silicone brush, which allows you to paint over each cilium. Second, the length that appears with the first layer.

Third, the incredible amount the second time of coloration. Fourth, vitality – if I know I am leaving the house for the whole day, and touch up makeup in the evening is not particularly possible, always choose this mascara.

With her active don’t need smoky eyes or shadows in principle – ink takes over and easily alone makes look expressive. And no flaking, but it is easily removed with cleansing gel without irritation. The composition is and caring components jojoba oil and palm. Isn’t it amazing?

Mascara volume Eye Catching Eye-Opening Volume, Bourjois

If there’s one beauty tool for which I have the most stringent requirements, then it is definitely mascara. It is on the eye makeup spend the most time, so the “just good” does not suit me – need a versatile ultra-black friend that will separate the lashes to give volume and hold fast on the eyes. Mascara Eye Catching it.

The tools are unusual brush, which kind of reminded me of a comb Les Compl. Flat and curved tip allows you to paint over the lashes from the roots ideal uniform layer, without creating the effect of “spider legs”, but giving your lashes spectacular volume, which looks very natural.

According to the artists of the brand, the mascara helps in the creation of makeup “cat’s eye” – feel free to help the eyelashes brush towards the temples and outer corners additional paint mascara on by using the short bristles at the tip.


Lip gloss Seam Lip Stain Metal, 10, Sephora

This is one of the most unusual chocolate I’ve ever tried. He has a steel matte finish which looks on the lips a glossy and shiny.

The tool is very stable and freezes on the lips for 30 seconds. But it is comfortable to wear: don’t feel the tightness, and the formula does not cause peeling.

Due to the light texture, the intensity can vary from light sheen to thick satin coating.

Under the gloss I apply the balm so as not to feel the dryness of the lips, and so he stayed even longer.

Lip pencil Always Sharp Lip Liner, shade Nude Fair, Smashbox

Using the tool, not only to make the contour of the lips more clear. I like to apply the pencil on the entire surface as an independent agent, blending lightly with fingertips. To achieve dense coatings with a matte finish, apply one layer as the lipstick.

The tool is very persistent (will survive a snack and a long working day). But before applying it’s better to moisturize the lips: the remedy can dry them.

Persistent liquid matte lipstick Superstay Matte Ink, shade 05, Maybelline

The tool will appeal to fans of matte textures – the girls who have no time to fix my makeup. Apply it in the morning and in the evening it is still on my lips.

Matte texture suggests light dryness, but this problem is solved with the help of balm. And the finish of the lipstick doesn’t create the feeling of a dry matte texture – lips look hydrated but without the excess gloss.

Hue deserves a special praise. If you are looking for a versatile Nude that will look noticeable on the lips, then this lipstick is for you.

Lip liner shade Liar 24/7, Urban Decay

I sincerely love the power tools, which can be used not only for its intended purpose. I have long ceased to only outline with a pencil the contour of the lips.

A good pencil as a magic wand that can replace a lipstick and eyeliner (coming soon all Hallows eve, so take a look at the palette carefully! ).

What I like about this tool – it lives up to its name. Water-resistant, long-running need for makeup every day. Apply as a substrate under lipstick – the shade will be richer, and keep the makeup will last longer.

It has a dense texture, but discomfort that is matte means there will not feel.

Another mutihac for fans of the brand: choose the shade of lipstick to pencil is very simple – title match! Therefore the torment for matching shades in the past. All for the convenience of loyal fans and beginners.

Tinta balm for lips Pink Ghost #Realmagic 006 Presto Soda

New Chinese brand immediately attracted my attention cute pink packaging and unusual shape of the applicator – it is made in the form of a spiral. Not to say that it is convenient – funds are melting texture, and a polyhedron can break. But for the sake of a fantastic natural effect ready to endure forever!

In packaging, the shade is similar to a purple unicorn horn, but don’t be scared – balm reacts to the pH of the skin and magically manifests itself on the lips of a personal touch. In my case it is pale pink with a slight wet sheen.

Resistance means the same as Tinta: you can eat and drink – and then only podkorrektirovatj circuit.

Lip pencil Delicious Vita Straw Color, Skinfood

Korean brand with a fragrant and “delicious” tools we love for the great care (by the way, the brand used by Koreans – read about it here).

Decorative – a new discovery for me. And a very good crimson palette of pencils in eight shades and says “bad weather and the autumn – not a reason to be sad! Let’s make makeup brighter! ”.

The pencil is not quite a matte finish – includes vitamin E. But is a plus, and in the fall will help save lips from dryness, moistening them well. Wide stylus and plastic texture – the key to a good application. Test of durability during the day the pencil was held at a five – to evening, washed it with micellar water.

Liquid matte lipstick Tattouage Couture, 01 Tattouage Rouge, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

Shiny lipsticks dialect rather “no” than “Yes” – the glitter adds just the eyes. But before that, a hue impossible to resist – lipstick shimmers beautiful but unobtrusive metallic, drawing attention to himself.

Durability justifies the name – removed only product.

If the glitter you are not friends, add a DAB of this shade on the center of lips on top of the usual fondant – the result will not disappoint, but rather inspire you to experiment.

Even the bravest do not suggest wearing this lipstick in the daytime makeup – put it on sweet: party, corporate event or photo shoot. The glitter doesn’t look vulgar, and adds to your image of chic style of the 90s (in the best sense of the word).

Liquid matte lipstick Rouge Allure Ink, Melancholia, Chanel

Means new autumn collection of the brand is not different from his “colleagues” – a handy applicator, velvet semi-matte finish and durability.

Lipstick is the perfect option for those who do not like dense matte texture. In a few minutes after applying the lipstick solidifies and looks opaque, but on the lips is felt very comfortable. In the formula there is a special wax, which makes the product silky, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E that prevents dryness and peeling on the lips.

Shade does not justify the name, but rather, saves you from autumn Blues. The color is reminiscent of a Beaujolais of the new season. Due to its texture, the product can be applied in several layers to get a rich color. Or to drive with fingertips, creating the effect of “zatselovali lips” (and when the lipstick will come off, you will feel as though the truth had a glass of wine).

Matte long-lasting liquid lipstick “taming the demon” The Tainted lips Stained Flatte “Demon Dazed”, Smith&Cult

Of all the decorative beauty tools “stuck” to the lipsticks in my collection already more than 60 pieces, and it is difficult to surprise me. But it is already two weeks always with me – and for beauty-editor is an occasion to reflect.

Own pigment lip I have a very bright and lipstick color “Nude” bypass the party. This shade made the color of my own lips brighter, but on other girls it can look really dark. Enjoy it all – who doesn’t like very dark shades and those in love with (may be layered).

The texture is a liquid, the finish is matte, no miracles. But the volume of the lips gives that matte lipstick is amazing. Convenient applicator can be slightly beyond the contour, and the lips will become visually bigger and rounder.

Durability – average (survive coffee, but not kissing in the rain). But the cracks and dryness don’t wait – the composition has a moisturizing esters emollient components and the “combo” of polymers.

Liquid matte lipstick Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipsctick, Dreamgirl, Lime Crime

When looking at the matte tube with bright cap in the head of the Soviet song remade on the beauty of lad “Who does not know Lime Crime lipstick? Lime Crime know everything. ” A lot has been said, sung odes: stability, comfort, the saturation of colors is all about her.

In this facility, special, of course, shade is a real autumn color: light Burgundy, chocolate-covered cherries, hot chocolate with raspberries. On the lips varies – apply two coats for thick coatings and deep shade or one layer of tint will be brighter, but the coating will be dense.

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