The 17 most iconic wigs Cardi B has ever worn

We have obsessed over Cardi’s wigs, in particular, more than just a few times. We’re still not over the sleek blonde bob she wore back in October 2019. The artist truly blesses our Instagram feeds each time she shows off a new hairstyle.

You may never know what to expect from her, but you know it will always be fire – which is why we had to round up some of the best wigs Cardi B has ever worn.

Ever since her early days on Love and Hip Hop: New York, Cardi B has made an impact on fans with her stunning hair and makeup moments. The rapper is not only running the wig game with her extensive collection but she’s also clearly in first place, if you ask me. Within just a few days, she’ll go from wearing a voluminous red wig to popping out in a wavy jet black one.

A lot of these experimental styles are thanks to her talented hairstylist Tokyo Stylez. Stylez doesn’t just create wigs, she creates masterpieces – all perfectly installed, might I add.

You might remember the pulled back updo Cardi had at Rihanna’s 2019 Diamond Ball or the Rapunzel-esque red inches she wore for a Poison Ivy costume. To scroll through Stylez’s Instagram is to swim through a sea of flawlessly blended wigs.

1. Pretty in pink

Cardi seems really into hair bows, as this is the second look with the style that she’s worn during quarantine. The rapper shared a close-up of the bubblegum pink wig to Instagram on Tuesday, April 28. She used half the wig to create a bow on the top of her head while the rest of the hair (except for the bangs) was tied into a low ponytail. We’re going to be watching closely to see if she experiments with any more bows while self-isolating.

2. Up in space

On April 14, 2020 the performer went live on Instagram to discuss a few political issues with senator Bernie Sanders. She made her appearance in this gorgeous cobalt blue wig. Rather than do the typical space buns, the hair was pulled up into two large bows on either side of her head.

3. Bad and bougie

Cardi was feeling extra luxurious with her floor-length fur vest, purple Birkin bag, and lengthy ponytail at the NBA All-Star Game in February of 2020. The garnet wig was slicked back into this low, side ponytail. We need the details on the styling products ASAP because not a single hair is out of place.

4. Sweet like honey

After COVID-19 made its way to the US, Cardi B made a statement on Instagram Live, “Coronavirus. Shit is real. Shit is getting real.” The soundbite ended up getting remixed into a catchy dance song. She looked sensational in a bronze fishnet dress from TLZ L’Femme. The honey blonde highlights blended seamlessly into the caramel hair for a look we hope to see again on the entertainer in the future.

5. Welcome to the ’60s

We love the monochromatic look Cardi wore while out at a night club in February 2020. The bold, purple hair was styled into a sky-high beehive with the rest of the hair cascading past her waist. We have a good feeling that Snooki would approve of this massive poof.

6. On Wednesdays, we wear…

This ultra-long wig’s raven-black space buns were accented with a thick, electric-pink stripe right down the centre of its blunt bangs, making Cardi look like a character straight out of the Mortal Kombat video game. Even when wearing dark hair, she can’t resist having a pop of colour added in somewhere.

7. Flaming hot

Our regular, degular, shmegular girl from the Bronx arrived at the Powerhouse NYC 2019 concert in this nurse costume just before Halloween. This super straight, waist-length crimson wig matches her outfit and bold rouge lip flawlessly.

8. Blonde bombshell

In the fall of 2019, it seemed like every single celebrity was letting go of their longer locks or extensions in favour of the bob haircut. Cardi joined in on the trend with this blunt blonde bob that she shared with her fans in October of 2019.

9. Back to the ‘90s

Cardi was a stunner in this half-up, half-down style with flipped ends. The throwback look comes with a twist – literally – as the front of the hair is in medium-sized Bantu knots. Fun fact: Although her wig may look black in some photos, it’s actually an indigo shade.

10. Pastel madness

Pastels can never go out of style, and Cardi proves it. We love this sea foam-coloured, waist-grazing hair Cardi wore to the Swisher Sweet Awards in April 2019. The light blue and hot pink streaks that peek out underneath are an amazing touch.

11. Somewhere over the rainbow

At the 2019 Summer Jam, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper took to the stage in this multi-coloured wig. Her hair for the festival started out as a lemon-yellow shade at the roots, but it gradually faded into hot pink tips. The silver chunky face-framing highlights were a bit unexpected but managed to complement the look well.

12. Rainbow pixie

Cardi often wears super-long wigs, but she occasionally tries out bobs or pixie cuts, too – like this cool-toned one. It made an appearance at The Big Game Weekend in February 2019. The wig’s lilac-to-fuchsia ombré effect matched her galaxy eye makeup to a T.

13. Flapper era

When she stepped on the 2019 Grammy Awards red carpet, Cardi wowed spectators in a vintage 1995 Mugler Couture piece and a slicked-back updo wrapped in pearls. Later that night, the artist showed up on stage to perform her 2018 hit “Money” with a look equally as timeless: gorgeous jet-black finger waves.

14. Under the sea

The night she wore this aquatic, blue-and-green wig, Cardi B made history. She became the first female performer to headline the 2019 Adult Video News Awards and looked incredible while doing so. Along the hairline, the wig was aqua green while the rest was a vivid sky blue.

15. Brattitude

This blinged-out, half-up, half-down look from the 2019 Made in America festival gave us some serious Bratz dolls vibes. The pulled-back style was adorned with rainbow strips of gems that wrapped around the high ponytail.

16. Just a chunk

As we entered 2020, we started to see more face-framing highlights flooding our social media feeds. However, back in July 2019, the entertainer already jumped on the ‘90s-inspired trend with this bouncy, medium-length wig. The platinum blonde face-framing highlights contrast beautifully with the midnight-black hair.

17. Something sleek, something blue

Cardi arrived to the 2019 BET Awards to receive not one but two awards in this slicked-back low ponytail. The star wowed the audience later on in the night with her first performance of “Press” where she let the ponytail down to reveal the indigo blunt bob. We need a tutorial for these expertly swooped and laid baby hairs ASAP.

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