The 13 most stylish hot water bottles to cosy up with this winter

But like it or not, winter has arrived for the foreseeable, so so we might as well stop complaining about the cold weather (okay who are we kidding, we’ll always moan) and make the most of it.

The small pleasures of the colder months might not be as flashy as summer’s holidays, long days, and festivals, but especially as we’ll all be spending even more time than ever at home this winter, we may as well make it a good ‘un. So that means cosying up under the chicest blankets, lighting that fancy candle you’ve been saving and cuddling up to our hot water bottles.

Because when it comes to simple winter pleasures is there anything better than curling up with a toasty warm hot water bottle in front of Netflix, or climbing into bed with one to warm your cold feet? Delightful. So if you’re searching for the best hot water bottle to make winter that much better this year, read on.

Some people are winter people, happily embracing the cold days, enjoying layering up with their new season coat and gloves, and contentedly watching their breath steam out in front of them the second they step outside.

But for most of us, the frosty, short days only serve to remind us how much we need to book a summer holiday next year (Covid permitting, obvs).

Best hot water bottles

Whether it’s for yourself as you keep warm through the winter work from home days, or as a Christmas gift, our round-up of hot water bottles is seriously stylish. From velvet covers to faux fur warmers, your nan’s hot water bottle, these are not.

We don’t like to play favourites but this monochrome striped bottle in faux fur from John Lewis is as stylish as they come, and for extra coziness points, this sheepskin style from The White Company is a winner. For a Christmas gift, we’d suggest a personalised cover with Liberty print initial or treating them to cashmere hot water bottle holder from COS.

How to fill your hot water bottle

It’s a simple enough task, but if your mum’s always been the one to fill your favourite hot water bottle here’s how: Boil the water (although freshly boiled water straight out the kettle is too hot so let it cool for a few minutes) – if you’re not sure, check your bottle’s label for optimum temperature.

Holding by the neck, fill the bottle up to approximately two-thirds before tightly screwing shut. And (this is where our uber-stylish hot water covers come in) make sure to always use it covered, never hold the rubber directly on your skin.

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