June 19, 2024

The 13 best tall skirts for long-legged ladies that don’t fall short

You would think that, being 2021 and all, these kinds of issues would no longer exist and that all clothing would be available in petite, tall,plus sizeand everything else. If we’re going to preachbody positivitythen we need to do so forALLbodies.

In my constant search fortall skirts, I’ve found only a few brands that fit the bill. While there are definitely more tall-inclusive labels now than there were a few years ago, the amount of products they have on offer is wanting. My biggest pet peeve is finding an item of clothing I love only to discover that it’s not available in tall sizes.

As an advocate for tall women, being six feet tall myself, I am so underwhelmed at the amount of brands that actually cater to people of a certain height – let alone the lack of size inclusivity across the board. I’d imagine that petite people feel the same way.

As well as my struggle in finding tall jeans, finding tall skirts that *actually* cover my bum is a whole other story. I can’t tell you the amount of times I was told off at school for having a skirt that was “too short”, and no, I didn’t roll it up – I’ve just always been tall. The other issue is finding midi skirts that fall below my knee. Yep, the struggle is real.

Us tall gals just want to feel pretty and look cute like the rest of the female population, is that too much to ask? Summer months are made so much easier at the thought of slipping into a breezy maxi skirt or summer dress, and winter calls for a classic mini skirt, tights and black boots combo. Actually finding said skirts is a whole other task, but one which I am here to help with.

I’ve done the hard work for you and found 13 tall skirts for year-round wear that not only fit properly (trust me, I actually own most of them), but that also adhere to current trends. You’re welcome. A firm favourite choice for me has got to be this tall denim ‘90s maxi skirt from ASOS. Paired with a halter neck top and chunky fashion trainers? Perfection.

Though not technically labelled as ‘tall’, this ditsy floral print mini skirt from M&S comes in both a regular length and long length (for my fellow long-legged ladies). Style it with a basic white T-shirt and sandals and you’ve got yourself a full summer lewk.

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