May 18, 2024

The 11 Best Sex Positions to Bring You Closer to Your Partner

Due to the way we use our words, it can be easy to equate “sex” with “intimacy” – but if we’re having sex with someone, are we actually being intimate with them?

Establishing intimacy with a partner requires a bit more of a connection than, say, a much more casual arrangement. All levels of intimacy are accepted and encouraged, of course, but it’s definitely worth considering how “intimate” you feel with your sexual partners. And, perhaps, what could be gained from dialling up the intimacy, if you’re up for it and it feels right.

Experts have said that intimacy can lead to better sex, with an increase in trust leading to us becoming more communicative about what we want. Also, feeling intimate with a partner may lead to our body producing the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin, which reduces our blood pressure levels and counteracts our stress hormone, cortisol.

If you’re specifically looking to prioritise intimacy during sex, focusing on a handful of extra-sensual sex positions can help you get there.

Before we go any further, though, it’s also worth acknowledging that what makes a sex position worthy of being deemed one of the absolute best sex positions is really subjective.

We all have different sexual fantasies, desires, and preferences, after all. It also depends on what you want out of sex. Sometimes, you just want to get down and dirty; other times, you want to feel closer to your partner, both physically and emotionally, and still other times, you may want to achieve both of those goals at once.

GLAMOUR has pulled together a list of the positions the experts suggest for maximum intimacy, plus some pro tips for making them even more stimulating.

1. Spooning

Spooning is a fan favourite of many in the bedroom, and it’s no wonder why. “It’s a great way to connect with your partner in a comforting way,” Megwyn White, director of education at Satisfyer, says. “The full-body contact creates a deep, yet exciting connection. ” She notes that it’s a great position for couples of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Unlike many of the other positions on this list, spooning does not allow for direct eye contact. However, the full-body skin-on-skin contact creates an undeniable, all-over physical closeness—with some room to play. “It can be modified with many variations to keep it exciting, including the use of products and the ability to use the hands for further exploration and sensation,” White says. “This position can be as intense or intimate as you please, which opens the door for creativity. ”

Hot tip: “Doing it in front of a mirror for added eye contact can make it even better,” Zhana Vrangalova, Ph. D. , adjunct professor of human sexuality at New York University and expert for sex toy brand Lelo, says.

2. Missionary

It’s a classic for a reason. Not only is missionary another great option for all types of couples, but it’s the easiest way to make intense, direct eye contact with your partner as you experience every kiss and touch. Speaking of which, missionary makes kissing and touching a whole lot easier, Dr. Vrangalova points out. “And there are lots of opportunities for skin-to-skin contact. ”

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