May 25, 2024

The 10 Engagement Ring Trends That Will Be Everywhere In 2023, According To The Experts

What the experts say: “The Art Deco era was a huge moment of liberation for women” explained Maddy Sangster, founder of Heavenly London, “they could start working, smoking, wearing masculine silhouettes and owning and buying their own jewellery; a lot of it costume.

It was all about bold shapes, show-stopping stones, interesting settings, geometry and not being afraid to show some bling. ”

“I have long been attracted to the rich design vocabulary of the Art-Deco period,” noted London bespoke jewellery designer Rachel Boston, “And my clients can’t get enough of it when it comes to engagement rings. ”

“It’s such an extensive style that offers something for every taste: whether a five-stone ring with all-emerald cut diamonds or an old antique mine cut surrounded by a modern baguette halo. It’s one of the reasons for this aesthetics’ enduring success: you are guaranteed a chic, timeless piece with a lot of considered design details, ranging from very classic to completely extravagant. There is something for everyone, and I can’t see the appeal of Art-Deco inspired pieces slowing down anytime soon. ”


Emma Clarkson Webb ring

Emma Clarkson Webb ring

What the experts say: “Mixed metals are really popular at the moment, and I don’t see this trend going anywhere,” Emma Clarkson Webb, bespoke London jewellery designer, revealed. “My clients are combining yellow and white gold and rose and white gold, which gives a really lovely, impactful look. Traditionally it was an absolute no to mix metals, so I love that it’s back in fashion; it makes for such a versatile look and means that you aren’t limited in terms of your other jewellery. ”

“A trend we have noticed growing steadily is the demand for mixed metal rings,” agreed Eliza Walter, Founder of Lylie. “Whilst the gold price has been rocketing up, the platinum price has remained steadier over the past couple of years. Platinum is a very strong metal, which is perfect for an engagement ring. However, gold is still the metal colour of choice, so what we have seen is the rise of mixed metal rings. ”

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