That’s a brilliant idea!! Photos

Answer those work emails while burning off a few calories at the same time.

This Japanese Taxi Has A Button To Request Slower Speeds. Dear Lord, Yes, Please!!

A fire escape slide instead of a ladder is a fun and efficient way to make a quick exit.

A smart toaster with a Bluetooth connection uses an application to correct settings for different types of bread and also alerts you the second the bread is perfectly toasted.

I want these blurrable windows to exist in my office, my bathroom, and come to think of it, just about anywhere else.

My workplace has a white board showing yesterday’s food waste right above where employees keep used dishes.

A bar where men get excited that each drink comes with a toy. It’s like a grown up Happy Meal trinket.

A veranda with a sliding roof and a hot tub.

A washing machine that washes, irons, and folds your clothes cannot be in our lives soon enough.

Just add water for any thirsty dogs on the move on the last of the dog days of summer into fall.

My hotel gave me a phone for my stay equipped with free worldwide calls and maps.

The perfect pancake flip every time. The future of breakfast is now!

This train’s tray table has a groove for putting an iPad or a tablet in it.

NanoHold is a special fixation for smartphones and tablets. With its help, you can adjust your device to any vertical surface like metal, glass or plastic. It doesn’t leave any traces or marks either…which is nice.

My new set of sheets came with a handy little pocket.

Glass shelving space that doubles as a TV monitor.

The hotel I’m staying at gives you a free drink at the hotel bar if you forego a room cleaning.

The LG Styler clothing system can steam, freshen up and disinfect clothes.

The manager of this Japanese cat cafe greets guests and I’m willing to be a loyal customer today.

Combining your two favorite vices in an efficient vessel that wastes no motion.

This avocado stand sorts the avocados by when they’re ready to eat.

This bookstore puts post-it notes underneath their price stickers so they come off easily. It’s the small things in life that sometimes prevent the biggest meltdowns.

This kitchen has a special coffee maker built right into the walls. Perfectly tucked away and this spot will help keep the pesky clutter out of your life.

This Shopping Center In Japan Has Free Refrigerated Lockers For Your Perishables So You Can Keep Shopping After You Get Your Groceries.

Frankly, I don’t even know why I need this in my life, but it’s oddly soothing and I WANT IT.

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