I tried the latest launch from the skincare brand with waitlists

The ingredients used for both products are unique. It’s a tailored mix of Australian Glow berries comprised of riberry, pepperberry and Emu apple for the ultimate glow.

When it comes to the mask, the glow aspect is reinforced with their own blend of 5 different types of Hyaluronic Acids to plump the skin, vitamin c to brighten and jojoba oil to nourish.

Sand Sky Australian Emu Apple Super Bounce Back Mask, £54.90

Sand Sky Australian Emu Apple Dreamy Glow Drops, £44.90

The glow serum also includes the 5 types of hyaluronic acid and is comprised of two main textures; the water phase with the action ingredients such as the acid complex and vitamin c to brighten and the oil phase including jojoba, almond and olive oils to retain the moisture of your skin.

The Hype

Famously, the Australian brand made its mark in the beauty world with the Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask which was widely favoured by beauty editors and influencers alike for its spot-clearing abilities.

They’ve had a waiting list of 17,000 so the expectation is high for their latest illuminating and brightening launch.


Kiran Meeda, Online Features Assistant

Beauty Bio

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the glowy, dewy skin look, and now with the weather getting colder, my skin is always in need of moisture and glow.

The Review

Sand Sky Australian Emu Apple Super Bounce Back Mask

It’s visually very strange when you first open the lid for the face mask, but the thick, glistening purple gel mask is extremely cooling to apply. It comes with an applicator, so there’s no mess. I couldn’t get over how glowy the formula itself was.

Sand Sky Australian Emu Apple Dreamy Glow Drops

The white liquid needs to be shaken a few times to mix the water-based substance and gel-based substance, but when applying to the face, I found it quite runny. The best method of application for me was to apply the lightweight serum directly from the pipette to your face and pat in to the skin.

The Verdict

Sand Sky Australian Emu Apple Super Bounce Back Mask

It only takes 10 minutes and has the luxurious texture of an at-home facial, but more importantly it left my skin looker brighter and feeling cleaner. This product is ideal for those whose skin is sensitive and still want to achieve that glow, as serums and oils can sometimes be incompatible with sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Sand Sky Australian Emu Apple Dreamy Glow Drops

The serum is extremely lightweight and has a light, sweet scent to it. I definitely noticed a difference in skin texture. After applying it at night, the next day my skin felt smoother and had a light sheen to it. It didn’t leave the glow I expected, but it definitely helped with my skin’s texture and clarity. This is ideal for those with normal to combination skin, and if you’re a fan of facial oils, this hybrid of oil and serum would work in your skincare routine.

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