Columbus Elite Squad Celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

On May 29th, the Columbus Elite Squad celebrated Asian Pacific American Heritage Month at Helen’s Asian Kitchen! Elites found their seats and quickly got to chatting. Unbeknownst to them, we randomly marked the bottom of 8 chairs.

Later in the evening, Elites sitting at the marked seats won Yelp sake glasses! Bottom’s up! Literally… bottoms up… check the bottom of your chair.

This post was composed by Yelp Columbus Community Intern, Drew S.

James, the co-owner with Helen, spent a few minutes covering the restaurants backstory. We learned about the family line and how the recipes have been passed over from China. He also handed out a few $10 off coupons to those who could answer some trivia questions. The real treat, however, was trying these recipes for ourselves!

Once Helen and James had finished speaking, food started coming out in droves. Our tables were outfitted with giant glass “lazy Susan” turntables and before we knew it, they were swirling around at max capacity. Too much food might be this squad’s favorite problem to have! The menu for the night featured 12 family-style plates. Some of the crowd favorites were (but certainly not limited to) the stir-fried cauliflower, honey walnut shrimp, and Xiao Long Bao. We grabbed our Yelp chopsticks and dug in! Or at least tried… Some Elites stuck to the fork.

Although the sake glasses, coupons, and mouthwatering mountains of food were a treat, the real reason this event was awesome was the staff. Helen and James went out of their way to provide the best night for our Elite squad.

Their extremely generous portions ran parallel to their extremely generous personalities. From the moment we walked through the door to the moment we left, it was clear that they truly cared about making their customers feel like family. For this reason, Elite Fam Gets Wok was a blast! Check out the recap video below!

To read the five star reviews and see more photos from the event, check out the event listing here! Interested in learning more about the Elite Squad? Head to yelp.com/elite

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