The 7 Most Comfortable (And Cutest!) Nursing Bras

If you’re a breastfeeding mom, you know the importance of a good nursing bra. Not only do they support your sore and swollen tatas, but nursing bras are also super convenient, making it easy to feed your baby without completely undressing.

So, to help you navigate the maternity section, we’ve narrowed down some of the most comfortable nursing bras on the market today.

Trust us, slipping into one of these will make a huge difference on your mood when it comes time to feed or pump.

Plus, it helps that they’re not totally matronly!

comfortable nursing bras
1 Simple Wishes Foundation All-in-One Nursing and Pumping Bra ($25; simplewishes.com)

Gone are the days of switching between two bras every time you pump and feed – as if the process itself wasn’t exhausting enough. Launched just this year is a genius bra that simultaneously works for both nursing and pumping. This bra lets you do both, even at the same time!

It comes with an integrated extender (six hook and eye rows in the back closure), so you don’t have to settle on one size and is made from a soft, stretchy fabric that wears seamlessly under your clothing.

comfortable nursing bras
2 The Organic Easy Bra by MAJAMAS EARTH ($35; majamas.com)

This company sells all sorts of clothing, but it’s well known in the mom community for its amazingly comfortable nursing bras. Made from ethically-sourced organic cotton and with no snaps, hooks, underwire or pads, you can even sleep in this bra. The low-scoop, v-neck crossover feature makes it easy to pull aside the material to nurse your baby at any position.

comfortable nursing bras
3 Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra ($49; bravadodesigns.com)

Most nursing bras don’t come in all of the fun colors and prints that typical bras do, which can put a damper on postpartum body positivity. That’s one reason why Bravado’s Bodysilk Seamless Nursing Bra is so popular: It comes in eight vibrant and practical colors.

It also has a soft and silky texture, unlike a lot of its competitors, which helps to prevent friction against the tops worn over it. What’s more, you can purchase Bravado’s pumping bra attachment, the Clip and Pump accessory, and you’ve got yourself an all-in-one nursing bra.

comfortable nursing bras
4 Moloco Breastfeeding Swimwear (From $88; shopmoloco.com)

If you’re breastfeeding in the summer (or on vacation in a warm-weather destination) your nursing bra will only get you so far – i.e. until you strap on your swimsuit. Swimwear that’s nursing accessible is hard to come by, which is why Moloco’s new line made specifically for nursing moms is so clutch.

Its innovative design hides its breastfeeding functionality under support straps. Inside, there are hidden nursing panels that provide easy access and additional support so you can feed your baby anywhere without having to change out of your suit.

comfortable nursing bras
5 Blue Canoe Jane’s Bra Top ($49; bluecanoe.com)

Since 1994 this bra has been a bestseller, probably because they were churning out organic cotton-made bras before that was even a thing. Though this bra is designed for daytime wear, it’s another option so comfortable that you can sleep in it. When you do wake up half asleep in the middle of the night to feed your babe, you don’t have to worry about unsnapping – just slip the bra to the side and breastfeed away.

comfortable nursing bras
6 HOFISH 3 Pack Seamless Clip Down Deep V Neck Push Up Nursing Bra Maternity Bras (from $26; amazon.com)

If you’re shopping for nursing bras in bulk, you just can’t beat the price of this 3-pack of push-up varieties. The nylon and spandex materials are super soft to the touch and breathable, which is a must for any bra, not just nursing. It also provides a nice snug fit even after wash cycles. Tip: Remove the molded foam cup inserts before drying so they don’t lose shape.

comfortable nursing bras
7 Suekaphin 5-Pack Nursing Bra Wireless Bra Women’s Sleeping Maternity Bra Breastfeeding Bra (from $26; amazon.com)

There’s a good reason this nursing bra scored a 4.5-star review by nearly 2,000 customers. It’s pretty much everything moms are looking for in an everyday nursing bra. It’s comfortable, convenient and fits seamlessly under clothes (even hides an unexpected letdown!). Its features include wireless cups, adjustable straps, removable padding and a one-step feeding clasp. It comes in a dozen or so different colors and is sold in six color combos so you can choose what works best for your wardrobe.

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