July 22, 2024

Taylor Swift is making her return to the big screen – in a movie adaptation of Cats

In casting news literally no one saw coming, Taylor Swift is slated to star in a movie version of the musical Cats, alongside James Corden, Jennifer Hudson, and Ian McKellen.

Yes, you read that correctly. Taylor Alison Swift – known cat enthusiast – is starring in the quintessential musical about cats.

Tom Hooper, who directed The King’s Speech and the 2012 film version of Les Misérables, will helm this version of Cats, which will start filming in November, according to Variety. Lee Hall wrote the script, and the music is, of course, by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The last movie Swift acted in was 2014’s adaptation of The Giver. Before that, she hilariously played a lovesick teenager in 2010’s Valentine’s Day. She’s also done some acting in her music videos, too. Remember when she stabbed that cake in the “Blank Space” video, or when she wore a red wig and scowled in “Bad Blood? ” That, my friends, is what we call range.

There’s no word yet on who Swift is playing. Hudson, however, is taking on the role of Grizabella, the former “glamour cat” who sings the popular song “Memory. ”

We just have two requests after hearing this casting news: 1) The costumes better be on point, and 2) Swift’s cats, Meredith and Olivia, need to make some sort of appearance. I mean, they’re already all over her Instagram.

All of this is to say Meredith and Olivia have been preparing for this movie all their lives. They’re ready for their close-up – and I’m ready to see Taylor Swift dueting with James Corden in Cats.

A release date hasn’t been announced yet, though winter 2019 is probably a safe bet. Something tells me Hooper and company will be trying for Oscar gold.

Taylor Swift’s style just keeps on getting better and better

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