May 25, 2024

Tapping is the simple new wellness trend that reduces anxiety in minutes

Anxiety plagues millions of people every single day and while there’s a plethora of medications on the market and a host of meditation apps designed to help, sometimes the most simple of solutions are the most effective.

One wellness expert is championing a new technique she swears beats anxiety and stress in minutes. Jody Shield, author of ‘Self-Care for the Soul’, swears by ‘tapping’ or EFT (emotional freedom techniques), which she describes as an ‘easy and effective self-help tool that helps quickly release negative emotions such as anxiety, stress or fear. ’

Here’s everything you need to know, plus a guide to trying it out yourself…

How does it work?

Similar to acupuncture, EFT uses the body’s energy meridian points, which are stimulated by tapping on them with your fingertips.

The basic technique asks you to focus on a negative emotion such as fear or anxiety.

While staying focused on that emotion, you tap on each of the meridian points for 3-7 times repeating phrases that focus on the issue. You start with the karate chop point (side of the hand) and tap this 3 times while saying a phrase. You then shorten the phrase and tap the around the following points: the eyebrow, side of the eye, under eye, under nose, chin, collarbone, under the arm, top of the head.

Tapping on the energy meridian points, sends signals to the amygdala (fight or flight part of the brain) to calm down and relax. As soon as this happens, anxiety is immediately reduced which allows you to move forward in a calmer way. This also helps restore the body’s energy to a balanced state.

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Why do it?

EFT is simple, powerful and painless. Anyone can learn it and use it anywhere and anytime.

Tapping can provide relief from a wide variety of things such as chronic pain, emotional problems, disorders, addictions, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, and physical diseases.

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Here are some examples of how you can try tapping for your ailments…


a) Start by tapping on the karate chop point. Tap on each point approx 7 times. As you tap repeat the following phrase three times:

Even though i’m feeling overwhelmed and fearful, I accept who I am, and how I feel (x 3)

b) Continue tapping on the other points and say each of these out loud as you do:

Eyebrow: I’m feeling really overwhelmed

Side of the eye: All this stuff happening

Under eye: I’m really stressed out

Under nose: What if I miss something?

Chin: What if it all gets too much?

Collarbone: I’m so overwhelmed right now

Under arm: And I don’t know how to move through it

Top of the head: So much happening right now

Eyebrow: And I can’t cope with it all

Side of the eye: What if I miss something?

Under eye: And then I’ll mess up

Under nose: And I feel anxious just thinking about it

Chin: I’m stressed out

Collarbone: I’m feeling overwhelmed

Under arm: With all I have on

Top of head: I can’t think straight!

Take a deep breath in and exhale. Then continue to tap and repeat the sequences until you feel calmer and more relieved. When you feel relief, tap through a ‘positive round’ and say each phrase below out loud:

Eyebrow: I know I can move through this

Side of the eye: I know I have the strength inside

Under eye: I choose to believe i’ll get through this

Under nose: I know I can find my power inside

Chin: I believe this is my journey now

Collarbone: I know I can move through this

Under arm: And feel good about myself again

Top of head: I choose to believe in my inner strength

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