May 20, 2024

Tanya Burr, reveals her style secrets and major film projects

Influencers have totally shaken up the social media landscape in recent years but there were a rare few dominating YouTube, Twitter and Instagram long before we even knew what the hell a meme was.

Among them is Tanya Burr. Likeable, relatable and informative, the fashion and beauty social media star is an Instagram OG and has made the impressive leap from bedroom beauty tutorials to front row at the world’s hottest fashion shows.

As she gets ready for the release of her first two films this year and take Hollywood by storm, we chatted to the star about all things fashion, beauty and Tinseltown domination.

LA has totally influenced my style – it’s all about the vintage!

A big recent change for me has been discovering vintage clothing, I went to the Melrose and Fairfax market in LA and bought a denim jacket and t-shirt from the 80s and just felt that they added something really cool to any outfit I put them with. It’s also really nice to know that you have something unique and that feels special and nobody else is wearing (even though I’m sure everyone has a denim jacket, it still feels cool! ).

1. The ankle sock: I’m obsessed with ankle socks and wear them with loafers or brogues.

2. The long-line coat: I love long-line coats that go down to the ankle, I always thought because I was short I should avoid them, but then I tried it and actually love the way it looks and smartens up my outfit when I just wear jeans, T-shirt and trainers.

3. Sharp tailoring: I find tailoring on the top half often feels too smart for me, but I love cigarette trousers or some high waisted tailored tweed trousers paired with a simple T-shirt.

I have lots of exciting film projects on the go

Acting is going well! My first two feature films are coming out this year (Hurt By Paradise and Cassette) and I also just shot the sequel to Four Weddings and A Funeral, which is short film made especially for Red Nose Day with all the original cast and a few new faces. You can watch it on tv on Red Nose Day which is March the 15th. Other than that, I’m doing another film this summer which hasn’t been announced yet and I’m just auditioning as much as I can.

My beauty routine is really pared back right now

My beauty regime is so simple at the moment…Nars tinted moisturiser, Collection concealer, Dior lip glow, Kevin Aucoin brow pencil, Glossier haloscope highlighter, Benefit hoola bronzer and Dior show mascara.

When it comes to my hair, I absolutely swear by the fudge clean blonde shampoo followed by Olaplex conditioner then I just let my hair air dry and don’t style it. If you ever see my hair styled it’s been done by a professional for a shoot or event, I never do anything myself!

Instagram has totally changed the beauty conversation online

I think Instagram and YouTube have made it a lot easier to find out what products are really good with a genuine opinion from a human being as opposed to an advertorial in a magazine, they’ve also helped to spread the word about new brands and made it easier to discover them. It’s just a much more dynamic way to experience fashion and beauty content.

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