April 13, 2024

Tamron Hall Took a Mom-Shamer Head On About Going Back to Work

Rather then simply acknowledging the comment and moving on, the soon-to-be host of The Tamron Hall Show (which premieres Sept. 9) opted to everywhere with a to-the-point Instagram post.

After screenshotting the comment, she shared the image on the social media platform with a poignant caption, without even bothering to blur out the person’s name. Told you she wasn’t playing! Here’s what she wrote:

“I am so sick of this. Can’t wait to discuss this on Sept. 9? This mom shame lameness is so corny and toxic,” she said. “FYI my ‘poor baby’ is right here with me and when he’s not he is in the loving arms of Dad, Granny, Nanny. . . yes, I have a wonderful woman who helps me. My mom had her sisters and other women help her too. No shame in women helping women. Knock it off with this nonsense. Let’s talk about it on the Tamron Hall Show. Oh and don’t call this a ‘rant’ from Tamron. It’s a reply and one I would say face to face. ”

New mom and broadcast journalist Tamron Hall isn’t playing around when it comes to mom-shaming. It all started when a woman commented on one of Tamron’s Instagram posts saying, “Your poor baby must miss you” because the 48-year-old returned to work after giving birth to her son, Moses, on April 25.

About an hour later, Tamron followed up with another post – – which hammered her original point home. “Love and hugs to all moms, ‘other’ moms, step moms, ‘play’ moms (I get to take you home after we play), those still trying to be moms and those who say, ‘I don’t want to be a mom,’ she wrote. “I did not set out to ‘shame’ the person who sent that comment. Where I am from when you say ‘poor baby’ that is not a compliment. . . it’s like ‘bless your heart. ’

Now, back to my poor baby lol. Keep smiling and doing your best. We can talk about anything as long as we start with respect. He gets that look side-eye from his mama. ”

With both everyday parents and celebrities getting criticized on the daily, Tamron makes an important point: parents are just doing their absolute best. So whether you’re about to hit the send button on a condescending comment regarding moms working, piercing their baby’s ears, dyeing the hair – or welp, pretty much anything else – do yourself a favor and rethink that decision.

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