February 27, 2024

Take your resume to Shrute-level with this ultimate Excel course, photos

Most of us have spent at least some portion of our careers attempting to navigate the complex world of Microsoft Excel.

And to be honest, sometimes using Excel makes us want to pull an Office Space on our computers.

However, Microsoft Excel is way more important in a professional environment than you’ve probably realized, and most people don’t have even have half the skills they need to be considered “proficient”.

Have no fear though! You don’t have to throw out your resume and move back in with your parents just yet. Thanks to the Ultimate Excel Bootcamp Bundle even you can be turned into an Excel-wielding office warrior.

Get ready to learn the basics of Excel (or relearn, if you’ve danced with Excel before) and how to create a secure workbook for your workplace. You can also learn how to create automated spreadsheets and let Excel do all the work for you.

You’ll be able to create and implement Excel’s powerful data visualization tools, such as charts and graph sparklines that can immediately communicate data trends to your intensely bored coworkers on every conference call.

Seriously, if you’re angling for a professional-level job in any industry, or even just looking to bulk up your resume a bit, you need to jump on the Ultimate Excel Bootcamp Bundle.

Normally this bundle retails for $1,380, but you can get lifetime access to all four courses, hundreds of lessons, and dozens of hours of instruction for just $49. That’s a 96% discount you’d be insane not to capitalize on.

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