Take your hands to the spa with our pick of the best hydrating masks

Under normal circumstances, a hand mask might feel like a froufrou extravagance, but as we know, self care has become the horse and chariot carrying us sedately through weeks of lockdown.

Not only because it fills the hours we’d otherwise be drinking vino with our mates at Pizza Express, but also because our hands have taken the brunt of scrupulous Covid-19 hygiene measures.

If your palms currently resemble a cheese grater, you most certainly are not alone. Hence, some dedicated hand soothing action might be exactly what you need. In fact, even outside of lockdown, our hands are the hardest-hit area of our body, what with daily exposure to UV rays, surface germs, astringent soaps, wind, rain, sun – the whole gamut.

So it makes sense that they deserve as much tender loving care as the skin on our face.

Beyond hand creams (mighty effective for a quick hit of hydration during the day), hand masks hit things up a notch. Intelligent and forward-thinking solutions have made them a mini spa experience that you can tap up while you watch Netflix. Some even come in screen-compatible materials so you can keep scrolling while you marinate.

So, how do you like the sound of a self-warming, intensely nourishing, vitamin soaked, hand cocoon?

10 surprisingly good beauty bits in the Amazon summer sale

We know that, thanks to the Coronavirus crisis and its repercussions on our finances, many of us are trying to be way more frugal than usual. We’re trying to be more careful with our money and where we spend it.

But instead of feeling shopper’s guilt, we are firm believers that there’s nothing wrong with treating ourselves every now and again – and that’s especially true if we’re snapping up some beauty bits to up our self-care game (because let’s be honest, we could all do with a little more self-care right now).

So, we trawled the Amazon summer sale to find the best, most insane beauty steals the site has to offer. If your fake tan supply is running low, there’s some St. Tropez Bronzing Mist up for grabs with over £10 slashed from the price. Or, if you’re looking to get serious about fitness, there are huge bargains to be had on exercise gadgets – the Fitbit Versa Special Edition Health Fitness Smartwatch, with a chic charcoal strap, has almost £100 off. Yep, one hundred pounds of your British pounds. You’re spoiling us, Amazon.

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