Take it off, but slowly

For whom do women dress? For yourself, for your friends or for men? If you leave alone the underwater stones of consciousness and subconsciousness, it is still logical to assume that all prikoroshivaniya and beautiful clothes are designed to attract the attention of individuals of the opposite sex. 

But does the idea of ​​the attractiveness of this or that garment coincide in men and women? Is it strong for men like short skirts and high heels? The preferences of men in the women’s wardrobe were recognized by the correspondent of SE.

The correspondent of SE found out which women’s clothes attracted men, and which repels

What do men appreciate in women’s clothing? It’s trite, but it’s possible to see what a woman looks like without clothes. “A man will always consider a woman primarily as a sexual object,” said Igor Poperechny, psychotherapist, director of the Center for Medical Sexology and Psychotherapy. – That’s why the man is attracted to those clothes, which allows to see all the female “attractions”.

And if a woman searches for a soul first in a man, and then looks at the body, the man first evaluates the body and, if it is liked, begins to determine the presence of the soul.”

Frank offers

But do all men need tight fabrics or short skirts to determine women’s attractiveness? According to the stylist Helen Weiman, short tight dresses, décolletage and a very high heel are the right way to “hook” a man, but the overt bait evokes a no less frank answer. Men are still much more interested in understatement than absolute frankness.

“A win-win option is jeans or a long skirt combining the classic style with the ability to emphasize the winning details of the figure,” Garik E., 29, shares preferences. “There is nothing sadder than the idea of ​​Siberian girls about sexuality – that is, tight skirts and high-heeled boots – which makes foreigners wonder at the number of prostitutes on the streets of the city.”

Again, the short skirts themselves are not so provocative. But if you plan to enter into the costume explicitly frank element, such as a mini skirt or skinny jeans, it may not be worth combining them with a transparent blouse or deepest neckline – it’s better to undress gradually.

The first element

Recently, according to the stylist Helen Weiman, the value of a woman has begun to revive in the universal sense: “In femininity comes back, and her symbol is a dress, a skirt, in no way a pair of trousers.” A woman in women’s clothing often causes men to want to take care of her, communicate with her softer, take care of her. Aesthetically dresses most men are also quite satisfied, however, in their classic form of use:

“I like dresses, almost any,” says Alexander K., 26 years old. – Light summer, evening, strict office, sports a la for going to the tennis court. I do not like it when girls wear them with jeans. I understand that it is convenient, but the sneakers with a suit and tie – it’s not less convenient. “

Fashion is a fu

Everyone in my memory has a season when the girls did exactly this – they wore dresses on jeans. It was fashionable, and not all men liked it. In general, according to Igor Poperechnogo, men do not care about fashion, much more they are interested in the style of women. And some “relevance” and “trending” even repels:

“It’s unattractive that everything is worn,” continues Alexander K. “This winter and now such a thing is a short jacket with a rubber band underneath and a fur trim of the gate or hood. I’m very upset when I see a beautiful girl in such clothes. I think that mature and self-confident people should dress with imagination, and not as schoolgirls from the urban outskirts, which is safer not to stand out from the general mass. ” 

Disgusting leatherette

As for sneakers, it is impossible to call them attractive for men women’s shoes. The opinion that men are attracted to shoes with heels, absolutely accurately reflects the reality. According to the stylist, the classic shoes with a hairpin are the only sexy shoes that make any leg more elegant, everything else – ballet shoes, sneakers, thick heels – is convenient, but has nothing to do with seduction.

“I always pay attention to women’s shoes,” says Dmitry P., 26 years old. – Beautiful and well-chosen shoes can make a simple outfit smart or make it clear that this strictly dressed girl has creatively approached even the observance of the dress code. ” 

However, some types of shoes, for example, red with high heels, one of the respondents called “the most unattractive shoes.”

Nicholas D., 32, considers cheap shoes to be disgusting: “The most unattractive shoes – leatherette with artificial diamonds.” 

In general, the quality of things is an eternal value in the art of seduction. The texture of the dress or suit should be such that the woman wants to touch. Treating synthetics does not always cause such a desire, as well as footwear made of artificial material, which often causes an unpleasant odor and sweating of the feet. In addition, good shoes and silk underwear, according to one of the femme fatale of the last century, is the main tool for attracting men.

Another opinion is held by some regarding ornaments. “Eastern people without gold can not, in our area, it can not be perceived as something attractive,” says Elena Vaiman. – In addition, now gold is just not very relevant, so maybe use high-quality beautiful jewelry? “But it’s worthwhile to approach jewelry with the mind, and not only with the purse:

” Jewelry should be in moderation, “says Alexander P. , 30 years. “The combination of too many accessories shows that the girl can not hold herself at the counter first, then at the mirror, and eventually turns into a rattle.” 

The main thing is to be smart

In general, the question of style, the compatibility of things and the appropriateness of clothes is an important factor in the second stage of acquaintance, when, according to Igor Poperechny, a man starts looking for a girl in the girl: “If a man is self-sufficient and understands that, for example, a woman is dressed, even very sexy, but according to the situation in which it is, the problems with the relationship are not for one night, but even for the rest of their lives will not. But if she is dressed defiantly in the official atmosphere, then this speaks of her stupidity, and it’s unlikely someone will want to deal with her. ”

The moment of yet another point of harmony attracts people, which attracts people much more strongly than clothing itself – the matching of behavior, character and chosen style: “The costume can be perfect, but if there is internal dullness, it will turn people away, and clothes will not save the situation, – Elena Vayman is sure. In addition, seduction is not so difficult – the first reaction is not difficult to provoke. It is much more difficult to decide what to do next. In general, you can meet your destiny in jeans, in a bathing suit, and in a festive dress. The main thing is always to remain feminine in everything.

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