Serum for the face, what tools work for you?

EXpert the brand Sisley, beautician Natalia Abramova told when and how to apply serum, why this phase of care is impossible to ignore, and what the components within them are important. And the editor BeautyHack Julia Casoli tested the new tool from this category and in detail told about the result.

Why the need for serum for the face?

Для чего нужны сыворотки для лица?

Our skin begins to lose elasticity with age 18. But this figure does not seem so depressing, if you know another fact: scientists have found that aging starts with 12. With 18 years of deteriorating quality, elastic fibers, and gradually it all starts to be produced by fibroblasts (cells of the dermis) as a liquid. 25 slows the process of collagen production and by age 30 due to light hormonal changes the skin may be less susceptible to the effects of cosmetics or beauty care. “You can use a premium cream, but do not see it effect the skin doesn’t know what to do with the consistency that it caused. So we are talking about the importance of using a serum. They need to activate those mechanisms of the skin, which for 30 years “fall asleep”, – says Natalia Abramova.

Для чего нужны сыворотки для лица?

By this time every woman there is a slight decrease in skin tone, and the volume of the dermis is reduced by half compared with 17 years. So 30 is the age when serum a priori necessary. What is another question. Someone suitable remedy to restore the tone and elasticity that someone – care for anti-wrinkle cream (if the skin is thinner) or liver spots. This question is important to discuss with a beautician. But let’s be honest: you do every morning, look at yourself in the mirror, I see all the changes and can openly admit what we have to work wrinkle between the eyebrows, pigment spots or dull complexion.

“All change is absolutely normal physiology, they just need to work and to prevent a radical deterioration of the skin.”

How to apply serum?

“We can’t solve the problem of loss of elasticity only at the level of the epidermis, you need to work deeper – and the need for this serum,” says Natalia. The funds in this category have the highest concentration of active ingredients (even compared to the cream), so they are operating in deeper layers of the skin.

Serum apply on clean skin of the face and neck immediately after cleansing and toning. Additionally Natalia recommends to use these funds more and on top of SISLEYA lotion to enhance the effectiveness of all subsequent care for the skin.

Как правильно наносить сыворотки?

Apply the serum in the morning before day care and at night after cleanser and tonic.

But consider, if you have a concentrated night cream, for example, Supremya, which focus exclusively on independent work, a evening serum should be abandoned.

Which components work in serum?

Какие компоненты работают в сыворотках?

Natalia explains the example of news from Sisley – SISLEYA anti-aging serum L Intégral Anti-Age, the follower of the same legendary cream, the formula of which is improved 17. The idea of the whole series SISLEYA L Intégral – tracking the life cycle of cells and working with the inevitable aging process, the cause of which lies not only in natural changes, but also in the impact of stress and unhealthy lifestyles.

“Against the background of our lifestyle cells suffer enormously: they lack energy, they’re degenerate, can not recover. With all this and dealing with the components of care in General and serum in particular.”

L Intégral Anti-Age consists of components which stimulate own processes in the skin, gives her a sort of signal. Mostly, it’s herbal extracts and essential oils.

“For me, of great interest is the extract of sweet marjoram, which is in the process of research has shown unusual feature: it arouses the activity of the enzyme responsible for production of elastin (the enzyme LOXL 1 promotes the connection with liquid elastin fibrils, restoring its fiber structure). Moreover, it works on the skin of any age and 35 years of age, and after 50, 70, 80…” – explains Natalia.

Also there is in the Phytocomplex “Pro-Firm 7” of the seven components that apply to all levels of the dermis: rejuvenate the cytoskeleton of cells, the condition which with age will inevitably deteriorates. Earth almonds stimulates the production important for the skin types of collagen. The wild rose works as a powerful antioxidant (“loss of elasticity and deterioration of skin tone is due not only to natural processes but also levels of stress that we experience from living in a big city. In this case, great help antioxidants!”).

Сыворотки для лица, какие средства вам подойдут?

I tested the serum SISLEYA L Intégral Anti-Age for two weeks. Before using Natalia warned: I will see the instant effect the first time, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop and use only in sos-purposes (and because I want to be greedy!). I am 29 years old and, of course, under the influence of stresses regularly see in the mirror, dull complexion, puffiness and crazy signs of fatigue, so it was nice a few days later to fix it the visual improvements in the form of a healthy glow. “Composition powerful effect on the skin: its hue, as long as relief. But for a bright stable result need a few weeks, then to connect the external result of improvements in the form of increased elasticity and volume of the dermis,” explains beautician.

The serum is lightweight, gel-like consistency. This reverse emulsion, so oil-based dissolved a drop of liquid with nutrients. For this reason, the tool first like cream, but when applied microdroplets dissolve and leave to the deep dermis. Due to this, you can use the tool very comfortable. And even if the above apply a dense cream – it feels great! My expectations from serum were justified, but the question if it works even better, for example, after 50 years Natalia explained: “When creating any funds held long-term studies to evaluate the effectiveness of care. Here is one of the most revealing: at the time of the test the participant was 51 years old, but her dermis was evaluated at 78 years old. After a month of using the serum diagnosed improvement the dermis to 60 years, and in another month it is so compacted that were comparable to human skin in 57 years. These results are really encouraging manufacturers!

Сыворотки для лица, какие средства вам подойдут?

The basis of all means of line L Intégral Sisleya Anti-Age intellectual formulas that “read” condition and needs of skin in each individual case and act as needed: maintain and warn (30-35 years), or correcting age-related changes, releasing and activating the full power of his ingredients.”

Сыворотки для лица, какие средства вам подойдут?

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