July 24, 2024

Swingers share what really goes down at Swingers’ parties, Photos

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “You Can’t Ask That” recently did a Q&A with Australian swingers in which they revealed behind the scenes secrets and myths about the lifestyle.

Couples shot down a common misconception that at these parties partners get chosen by everyone putting their car keys in a bowl and whoever’s keys you pick out is then your partner for the night.

For most of the couples interviewed it was a mutual decision to join the swinging community and they mentioned “jelly wrestling” and “the raw lust of it” as some of their favorite aspects.

Interviewees answered a range of other questions like “What are the best sex tips you have learned? ” and “What is it like to lose your swinging virginity? ” One of the most controversial and telling questions was asking them how they felt seeing their partner with another person.

Check out some the interviews below for more raunchy details.

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