Swimwear that fits and flatters a bigger chest

Shopping for a new bikini or one-piece is a daunting task at the best of times, but when you’re equipped with boobs anywhere near a D-cup, then it’s a serious chore (so they tell me… I am less than #blessed).

But while shopping for comfortable, supportive swimwear was once synonymous with unflattering scaffolding styles, both high street and high-end brands have recognised that – shock. horror –

big busted women also care about what they look like on the beach and have rustled up some serious supply for the demand.

Ashley Graham’s latest swimsuit campaign uses unretouched images and we’re so here for it

Unsurprisingly, most strapless bikinis remain relatively unsafe, as well as backless (unsupportive) and spaghetti straps (dangerous), but halternecks, balcony styles and one-pieces are awash with options.

Scroll down to see our favourite swimwear for bigger busts available right now…

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