June 17, 2024

Sweet and Ugly

Girls have many enemies, but the most terrible of them is the one that causes changes in appearance, and not for the better. Sugar, according to most girls, harms everything – the skin, teeth, figure.

He does not spoil only the mood, but the euphoria from eating sweet quickly gives way to sadness and self-flagellation. But is it so terrible that the enemy? The correspondent of SE has learned from the experts how truthful the opinions about the harm of sugar are.

Specialists dispelled the three most common myths about sugar

Myth one: the sweet spoils the figure

Indeed, in most diets, the use of sweets is sharply limited. Why? “Sugar itself does not affect the formation of adipose tissue, but it has a direct bearing on its accumulation,” explains Yakov Novoselov, director of the Siberian Federal Center for Healthy Nutrition. “But most foodstuffs work: the fact is that we spend 2100-2400 calories a day on physical activity. If we start to consume more than we waste, then these calories will not be processed, but to form fatty tissue. And sugar is still a high-energy product. ”

It turns out that we love and want as much as it is inherent in nature for the normal physical functioning of the body – work, walks, other activities that require energy – and most often we only spend energy to sit at the computer, run to the car or metro and dinner front of the TV. Having such a regime of the day, it’s wrong to blame anything, including sugar, in excess folds on the sides. Just need to understand that if you overeat energy – in high-calorie sugar, including – then you will have to eat less other foods. Or take into account another scheme – it often refers to in female comedies: ate 150 grams of cake – work it out on a hour walk or half an hour of easy running. Yakov Novoselov explains how to be with sugar, so as not to get fat:

“If you can afford to spend energy, then eat whatever you want and use it for your own good. After all, sugar itself is not evil, it is a source of fast energy.

But with the sedentary lifestyle of sugar in the diet should be no more than 5% of the total diet, this includes added sugar – in cakes, alcoholic beverages and other things. ”

That is, in fact, sugar is enough in the form of a spoon in coffee or a couple of spoons of jam. Although if you decide to exclude sugar in its pure form from the menu altogether, then, according to the director of the SFC, there will not be: “Sugar added to other foods is enough for the normal functioning of the body. ”Those who decide to switch to sugar substitutes should take into account that they should not be particularly fond of, but they should not be afraid: “Sweeteners have a more complex chemical structure and are more slowly absorbed, that is, their advantage is that you have to walk and run less , so that fat will not be deposited, and the allowed products do not bring harm, but only, of course, in reasonable quantities, “concludes Yakov Novoselov.

Myth of the second: there are pimples from sweets

Perhaps, some girls had to observe a sad pattern: in the evening a cake – in the morning a pimple. However, this principle can not be called working in a hundred percent of cases – live, prosper, not less people who eat sugar does not cause any skin reactions. “Excessive consumption of sweet, as well as acute, fatty, floury, indeed, can increase inflammation,” says Ekaterina Lebedko, a beautician at the Sante Estetic Center. –

However, in itself, the eating of sugar pimples does not cause – they are provoked by the state of the gastrointestinal tract. ”

Problems with the liver, biliary tract, dysbiosis, gastritis lead to the fact that the food is poorly digested, in the intestine accumulates gases, toxins, and the skin, as the excretory organ, reacts to the trouble by trying to get rid of harmful substances.

According to Yakov Novoselov, sugar is a source of easily digestible carbohydrates. And easily digestible carbohydrates in turn – the cause of many food allergies. So again – blame the sugar in that you have acne, it’s unfair. But if acne is caused by a malfunction in the digestive organs, it may be wiser to refuse for the duration of treatment from any food irritants. By the way, – the indirect cause of acne is bad teeth, as they are also involved in the processing of food. But does sugar affect the teeth?

Myth three: sugar destroys tooth enamel

We all heard this in childhood – so we were forbidden to lean on sweets. Indeed, many abused children’s teeth are in a deplorable state. But in parallel with this there are both adults and children, not sparing the jaws gnawing caramel, while the smile shines with whiteness and dental health. So is there any guilt of sugar in the development of caries?

“Sugar itself does not affect tooth enamel in any way and is not the cause of tooth decay.

Scientists conducted an experiment: laboratory mice were fed exclusively with one sugar, but kept in sterile conditions from birth. And they did not have tooth decay! “- reveals all educational tales Natalia Salova, dentist-therapist” Zdravitsy. ”But still – why does caries occur? “Sugar, like any food rich in carbohydrates, is a very good nutrient medium for microorganisms in the mouth. Carbohydrate diet and insufficient oral hygiene cause their active reproduction in dental plaque, – explains the indirect influence of sweet tooth on the state of teeth dentist Zdravitsy. – As a result of their life activity, an acid is formed, which has a negative effect on the enamel, “dissolving” it. ”

The surest way out is the constant hygiene of the oral cavity. In addition, the doctor advises you to think about sweeteners: “Sugary substitutes help to reduce the amount of sugars consumed from food, which, of course, positively affects the” health “of the enamel of the teeth, will reduce the likelihood of caries. One of the positive properties of sweeteners is the ability to neutralize the acid produced by microorganisms. ”

But again – do not be addicted to surrogates. Anything that is excessive is not useful. So watch yourself, but do not let the myths deprive you of joy.

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