May 19, 2024

Swatch with sequins for new year’s eve

Mnogofunktsional eyeliner, which will help to create a trendy “wet” effect on eyelids, glitter for the lips, which will make a great photo, glitter-holographic other finds of the editors at an affordable price.

Eyeliner Mermaid Tears Holographic Eye Liner, L’etoile Selection

If you do not know how to put on makeup for a Christmas party and want something bright and extraordinary – take the sequins and will not lose. In my beauty Arsenal, there are several: large to “throw” on the nose and cheeks, like freckles, small and liquid to apply on eyebrow, lip, center, century, eyelashes everywhere.

And eyeliner from L’etoile is a brilliant cocktail of glitter in different colors and size for a liquid Foundation that dries becomes invisible.

Mermaids definitely going to cry from the beauty one stroke of the fine brush, and you have to face the aquamarine sequins that can be seen from space.

For a holiday I would have reacted to the name means serious – would draw the most real tears flowing down the cheeks with diamond. But in everyday life, take note of the makeup from a recent show Simone Rocha and paint Mermaid Tears directly on a bare eyelid – so fashionable “wet” effect, and if the liner will eventually become clogged in the folds, will be even “more fashionable”.

Подводка для глаз Mermaid Tears Holographic Eye Liner, Л’ЭтуальSelection

The most modest will cause the glitter just in the inner corners of the eyes – they Shine so that no evil you will not be afraid.

Glitter lip Loose Lip Glitter, Sparkles Ruby hue, IsaDora (over lipstick Lip Desire, the shade of True Red, IsaDora)

Глиттер для губLoose Lip Glitter, оттенок Ruby Sparkles, IsaDora (поверх помады Lip Desire, оттенок True Red, IsaDora)

IsaDora second year in a row produces loose glitter for lips that need to be applied over lipstick or gloss. Loose Lip Glitter in a scarlet tint Ruby Sparkles – the helper of all who like it blew up instagram set its own brand Pat McGrath, but who do not have time to catch the hype and buy it on time.

The top coating of the eyelashes with a Golden effect Top Coat Mascara, Clarins

Топовое покрытие для ресниц с золотым эффектом Mascara Top Coat, Clarins

Anyone who knows me personally knows about my love for glitter. Even going to the office in the morning, no-no, and will add a drop of glitter in the inner corner of the eye. Not surprisingly, New Year is one of my most favorite holidays, when you can Shine from head to toe without damage to reputation.

Especially for such pittermanu Clarins has released a top coating for lashes that can be used solo, if Shine is required modest.

The mascara has a convenient brush: the long bristles allow even distribution of glitter on each eyelash, tip you can add accents even in hard to reach corner of the eye.

I liked to use as a top on top of a classic black mascara and apply glitter randomly, as if he accidentally fell down on the eyelashes.

In a new year makeover’m thinking to combine gold and sapphires: make a shimmering deep blue shadow on the eyelids, the eyelashes will emphasize the top cover and will leave the lips neutral.

Eyeshadow Stardust, L’etoile Selection

Тени для векStardust, Л'ЭтуальSelection

This is the finding of autumn, you know! I love fun makeup, glitter, versatile pencils with glitter and shade with shimmer – they can be applied to lips, cheeks and eyelids right in the cab, and the makeup is great.

In fact, Stardust is just glitter. Large, so I only use them for makeup forever (but in Halloween, you can apply them while on the apples of the cheeks will give the image your fan).

Texture tools – a cross between a mousse and a gel, is distributed easily and evenly (sometimes I just use fingertips instead of a brush). For more durability and smooth finish, apply the shadow on top of the base – otherwise, the shimmer will be collected in the folds of the eyelids. A great tool if you are late to the party makeup will be done in 5 minutes.

Set makeup: loose glitter for face and fixing gel Sparkling Holiday Glitter Kit, Kiko Milano

Набор для макияжа: рассыпчатый глиттер для лица и фиксирующий гель Sparkling Holiday Glitter Kit, Kiko Milano

“More glitter! ” – the motto I spend every holiday, whether it be children’s birthday party or corporate event. This New year will be no exception – I will put sequins on the shoulders and neckline, I’m going to have fun and be sure to make a wish!

And now the practical part of the question: when generously showered skin not the small shimmer on fixing gel, I want to avoid the unpleasant sensation of stickiness and irritation after.

Glitter brand is very pleasant and easy to apply directly from the container with a thin applicator (much as possible). Dries immediately – you’ll be nicely “put” the right amount of glitter.

Loose glitter Packed in dispenser with eight holes – he’s not flaking like flour through a sieve, and gently disperses on the skin. For the desired effect I’m missing a few layers – the shimmer is there, but not too obvious.

Works great as eyeshadow, but you can still make drawings on the cheeks.

Lip gloss “Holographic” Dark Wonder, CosmicSky, L’etoile Selection

Блеск для губ «Голографик»DarkWonder,CosmicSky,Л’ЭтуальSelection

Remember the TV series “Friends”, where Joe starred in the male is lipstick “Ichiban”? I felt it when I first spent more than lip applicator of this miracle-Shine.

The packaging tool looks like a translucent sheen, but I probably upset you (or not surprise). Brightness, holographic and saturation this tool does not hold! Shade perfect for parties with diskozalom – so you can outshine any and to bewitch his fantastic lips.

On the eve of Halloween, these beauty products can be very useful. Here we can safely roam, for example to repeat or to diversify the makeup of Mystic from the famous movie “X-Men”.

After the holiday safely apply a thin layer on top of your favourite lipstick is guaranteed to refresh the image and to add ease in daily makeup.

Palette Mark Epic Intense Mini Transformer Palette, Avon

Палетка теней Mark Epic Intense Transformer Mini Palette, Avon

An updated version of the palettes, the brand released in the summer – means repeated the success of its predecessor.

Will appeal to those who like practical quality cosmetics and uses her “holes” in Tefillah (and in the case of a dry texture is not often seen). A good palette for every day. The good combination of shades – from light to Nude graphite allows you to do daytime makeup and transform it into smoky eyes for an evening out. Bright colors on ordinary days and use as a base for darker colors.

Halloween is the one night of the year when you can afford to combine incongruous. Made the transition from silver to Golden hue – the makeup was bright, but understated.

The good thing about the palette? All colors are well pigmented and do not lose saturation when shading. To metallic and graphite hue look brighter, apply a base under makeup – no one distinguish the shadows from the means of luxury.

Holographic pencil lip gloss StellarLights Holographic Lip Gloss Pencil Dark Wonder, 901 Aurora, L’etoile Selection

Голографический карандаш-блеск для губStellarLightsHolographicLipGlossPencilDarkWonder, 901Aurora,Л’ЭтуальSelection

Unlike lip gloss “Holographic” pencil almost no color. But you’ll see plenty of tiny particles that sparkle like snowflakes on my lips.

The pencil will be useful not only to lip makeup – apply to cheekbones as a highlighter and create a wet Shine on the eyelids. The bonus can be used on lips over red lipstick, creating a shimmering and sparkling finish.

If you choose an interesting image for Halloween, but at the same time don’t want to go into real isolation, try to play “Twilight”. Remember the skin of the Cullens in the sun? This effect can easily be repeated with this pencil.

Shadow pencil Eyeshadow Pencil, 10 Sugar, Provoc

Тени-карандаш Eyeshadow Pencil, 10 Sugar, Provoc

Going to the event after a long day in a stuffy office, and you have no way to wash off makeup and makeup again? This tool is for you.

The shadows really easy to apply. The tools are very plastic, gel texture and bright hue, which, with the feather gives a very delicate glow and lustrous finish.

Apply the product over the entire mobile eyelid, blending to the outer corner – a few minutes, and bright eye makeup ready!

Lip gloss with 3D effect Brilliance HypnotiC, 21, Vivienne Sabo

Блеск для губ с 3D эффектомBrilliance Hypnotiс, 21, Vivienne Sabo

The packaging tool looks like a real explosion of sparkles, but on the lips it gives a beautiful mirror effect. The glitter distributed easily on the lips without creating a feeling of confetti – this helps a handy applicator (you just need to remove part of the tool).

I like to use glitter as a finish for the matte and cream lipsticks, and apply it with a light layer on lips to create a fluorescent image, the sequins are very beautiful shimmer in the first rays of the spring sun.

It is nice that the glitter is very stable and evenly off the lip during the day. As a true butyric, I decided to experiment and applied the product on my eyes – it turned out beautiful fashion the effect of wet age.

And don’t be afraid that his face will Shine – the tool can be easily removed with micellar water first.

Palette Plume, Vivienne Sabo

Палетка теней Plume, Vivienne Sabo

Natural eye makeup in nadovich tones, not losing ground for several seasons. Particularly relevant this makeup on vacation – emphasizes fresh tan and does not take much time.

Palette from the summer collection, inspired by the spirit of the freedom of Paris, went for a trip to the sea is perfect – Matt and timername shades will turn any image (easy day to explore the attractions of the resort town and the bright evening – for the hot party on the beach). The bottom row of shades are perfect for smoky eyes.

Палетка теней Plume, Vivienne Sabo

Shadows have a very silky texture, they are easily applied and distributed easily, even with fingertips. If you use a brush, the shadows will not be “dusting” and crumble. Tool, by the way, very persistent – after eight hours in the heat, the shade does not roll.

Melting mineral shadows Mineral Melting Ice, Skinfood

Минеральные тающие тениMineralMeltingIce,Skinfood

I love Korean skincare brands but makeup was not familiar. These shadows are in stick became for me a real lifesaver.

They have convenient packaging and soft texture to make the eye makeup is obtained in two movements. The tool is very convenient to take with you on trips and keep in my daily makeup is to apply the eye shadow on the entire mobile eyelid right stick, blend with fingertips, add a little more pigment in the inner corner of the eye – a beautiful shimmering makeup ready!

A shade of dusty rose was the perfect addition to my daily makeup – in an easy and understated way to every day its own “flavor”.

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