Superdrug’s £12.99 answer to Olaplex has sent shoppers into a frenzy

In case you’ve been living under a rock, allow us to explain exactly what Olaplex is. The hair treatment mask repairs severely damaged hair, making it ideal for those who bleach or dye their hair or have a penchant for heated styling tools (#guilty).

With everyone from Kim Kardashian and Drew Barrymore to A-list hairdressers and top beauty bloggers preaching its benefits, it’s little surprise that Olaplex has quickly become the hair treatment beauty fans can’t live without.

As well as being available as an in-salon treatment, the brand recently added a shampoo and conditioner to its roster. Formulated with the brand’s patented bond-building chemistry to strengthen hair, alongside other ingredients to hydrate, boost shine and reduce frizz, both at-home products are free from sulphates, parabens, gluten and are vegan-friendly. However, at £25.85 each, the products aren’t exactly the most budget-friendly, which is why a more purse-friendly option is going viral online.

PUREPLEX Revolutionary Hair Repair System from Superdrug has been amassing impressive reviews for giving people stronger, healthier hair after just one treatment.

The £12.99 product features Aminofix – a technology that claims to help repair damage from over bleaching, colouring, styling, chemicals and heat, as well as restoring strength, elasticity and volume and protecting against future damage and breakage.

Impressed beauty fans took to Twitter to share their verdict on the product, with one writing: “My best beauty tip is that the Superdrug Pureplex system is INCREDIBLE. It’s a 3 step system that takes 30 mins. I Buy one pack a month and use half every fortnight. I do loads of bleach and heat to my hair and it TRANSFORMS it from a tangled mess into tameable shiny locks.” Another shopper added: “I used a product called #Pureplex last night from Superdrug and it’s a game changer on my bleached hair. Shine, strength and smoothness.”

If you’re looking to repair post-summer hair on a budget, this sounds like a thrifty option. We’ve also rounded up the best hair masks on the market for your perusal. You’re welcome.

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