July 23, 2024

Supermodel Elle Macpherson Snags Luxe Villa in Coral Gables for $8. 1 Million

Supermodel Elle Macpherson is the latest big name to join the cluster of stars living in Coral Gables, Florida, with the purchase of an $8. 1 million luxe villa right on the water’s edge.

The impressive 9,000-square-foot home was once listed for $11. 4 million in 2014, but the current owner – Eric Malka, the cofounder and chief executive of The Art of Shaving – has sold it to Macpherson for a notably lower price. The mansion sits on 1. 71 acres of lush grounds and was designed by Swiss landscape architect Enzo Enea.

The mansion features seven bedrooms and six-and-a-half bathrooms and includes sleek, open living spaces including an airy family room, a sizable office, and a separate library with large glass doors leading out onto the yard. The kitchen is made up of an almost industrial combination of gray tiled floors, white marble countertops, and a large center island and white subway tiles lining two walls.

A sweeping staircase with a wrought-iron railing connects the first floor to the second, while a row of French doors directly adjacent from the main entrance provides stunning views out onto the backyard. The house was designed by American architect Chad Oppenheim.

One of the seven bedrooms is located on the first floor, while the remaining six, including the master suite, reside on the second. Several of the upstairs bedrooms feature French doors leading out onto private balconies or large elevated patios. Other amenities of note include a large salt-water pool, a private dock big enough for a small yacht, and access to nearby tennis courts. Macpherson’s Coral Gables neighbors include Alex Rodriguez and his partner Jennifer Lopez, and recent addition Marc Anthony.

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The look, loose and lackadaisical, is appealing. Are uptight arrangements going to become a thing of the past? We’re all about that. But the idea that you need to purchase a vase in the shape of a cup just to get in on the trend is probably taking it a bit far. You already have cups on a shelf in the kitchen, do you not? Get one out, and fill it half full with water like the optimist you are. Now drop in a few flowers, weeds, or sprigs of basil – whatever you’ve got. This is the I-didn’t-try-but-wow-it-looks-good-style arrangement. Have a few cups that could work? Group them together in a little pod with the flowers at different heights.

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