Sunglasses this season with the habit of seeming strange and ugly

A couple of years ago sunglasses smaller than a bicycle wheel seemed a museum rarity. This summer, beloved public “aviators” and “dragonflies” do not leave the shelves and pages gloss.

But to them a wonderful variety of forms is added: angular retro, round hippy glasses, elegant feminine “cat’s eye”.

With this variety, the only fashion requirement of this season to points – let them be with the character: whether it’s fashionable geometric shapes or unusual color or decor.

Down with the uniform

“Fashion glasses 2010 are created in all the variety of styles,” says Marmalato Buyer Ekaterina Lyubimova. – Including 70-80-ies, from which the fashionable glasses adopted the size: they should not just be large, but very large. ” “As before, the most popular glasses are with large lenses,” says Oksana Volkova, executive director of the Tamara salon. “But in the new collections of women’s glasses there are also forms of” butterfly “and” cat’s eye “, many round glasses in the style of John Lennon in metal or plastic frames.”

Another direction of the season – a little angular retrochki, the form of trying to turn into a square. “This year, glasses in the form of drops, and sports mirrors,” continues Ms. Lyubimova.

In a word, this summer we do not wear any usual “lapo-eyes” to any one, but we have the opportunity to choose an accessory to almost any style: eyewear designers cite the geometry of all fashionable epochs over the past half-century. 

The retro-heroes of this season are models with a character. On the one hand, they are a bright stylistic statement that tells the world that you are for the Beatles and world peace. Or you miss the era when women were feminine and wore gloves, scarlet lipstick and the notorious “cat’s eye”. On the other hand, they do not go far.

“Cat’s Eye” comes with pronounced cheekbones, – comments stylist-image maker Irina Lorak. – Round glasses are very rare – they can come up with a face without corners and a pronounced relief, without noticeable cheekbones and strong-willed chin. ”

Hundred Flowers

Fashionable glasses this summer tend to complex designs with many elements, a cunning combination of materials – for example, metal and plastic.

“If we talk about the decor, we can see a trend towards a floral floral pattern,” Oksana Volkova comments. “And, by the way, this summer, the rhinestones come back as an ornament for the frame.”

This summer, the design of glasses has become more light and fresh: next to tortoiseshell and metal solid frames, white plastic. Signed purchase of summer – large glasses in a white plastic frame, striving for a rectangular shape – such glasses were worn in the 60s. In honor and childish colorless plastic of all colors of the rainbow. “This year the frames of classic black and white flowers and shades of brown predominate,” continues Ms. Volkova. – But there are bright colors – right up to acid paints. Of the bright are especially popular lilac, purple, turquoise. ”

With the variety of colors, however, you need to apply no less accurately than with a variety of forms. “For glasses it is really important to consider the color-type,” says Irina Lorak. – warm type – warm shades, cold – cold, otherwise a woman over 22 years old skin will look unhealthy and stale. And more importantly: very dark glasses can be worn at a high level of contrast of the skin, hair and eyes. Northern blondes with soft brows are better to choose lighter, beige shades. Wear something radically darker than natural pigments – Moveton. ”

Buying the same glasses in a white plastic frame – smile, on the advice of Irina Lorak, to make sure that the whiteness of the tooth enamel stands comparison. 

Keep the eyes bright

The effect of dark glasses without a protective coating is known to everyone: the pupil, enlarged in deceptively comfortable half-light, receives a dose of dangerous ultraviolet with double force. To completely ignore sunglasses is also not worth it – wrinkles from squinting paint the old sea-wolf, but not the girl.

Oksana Volkova recommends prudence, if the glasses are cheaper than 2000 rubles. 

Director of the salon “Incognito” Elena Lykova says that you can buy eyeglasses protecting from ultraviolet, and at a price of 1000 rubles, and sometimes cheaper, – the main thing is not to forget to check them. To look at the world calmly, when buying glasses, you need to ask for a certificate of compliance for the goods, which will indicate that their protective qualities meet GOST. And, at last, glasses can be checked with the help of a special device equipped with advanced optics salons.

This spring, even at the box office in clothing stores, glasses with simple glasses in the style of “the most unfortunate botanist in the classroom” are sure to lie. “Botanical” glasses paved their way with black frames, long popularized secular lionesses. But this summer in the streets began to appear defiantly ugly glasses with simple glasses in a large light frame.

“When I was little, my family was poor and I had to wear them to school,” one American lady summed up the mass perplexity in the comments to the fashion blog. “And now young girls wear them voluntarily!”.

As explained by Elena Lykova, the image glasses of the zero degree of blackout (transparent glass) also can (and should) have absolute protection against ultraviolet radiation. That is, when buying an accessory “clever and excellent pupil”, if you are going to wear it on the street, you must take the same certificates and apparatus as others. On the other hand, it must be remembered that, when protected from ultraviolet light, transparent glasses will not be saved from small “sunny” wrinkles.

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