June 19, 2024

Sunglasses this season are still huge. The main thing – to find your limit

The general fashion trends in this season are shine and shine, colors and flowers. Accessories on this bright background should ъ – just like sunglasses.

This spring and the coming summer, unlike last year, their forms are calm and strict. The maximum size is still preserved, but it is also balanced by monochrome. But only the finish is out of the general mood and naughty. Details were interested in the correspondent of SE.

Sunglasses, according to representatives of the network of legendary British shops Harvey Nichols, are becoming more popular than bags. Why? Because unlike bags, the prices for which grow unmercifully, the cost of design points is kept at an acceptable level and, having bought not a prohibitively expensive accessory, on which a label is brightly printed, a person can feel involved in the fashion world.

Trends in the world of sunglasses are clearly defined, well-known brands dictate the directions along which the other producers move.

Glasses are sold, they are willingly worn not only because of fashion – ecologists every year more and more frighten the inhabitants of the planet terrible for the body, including for the eyes, the effects of direct sunlight. Therefore, in addition to the requirements for points to match the trends, vendors require quality certificates.

The form

Still, all the new interesting ideas of designers draw from the past, now the source of inspiration – the 60th and 80th years of the last century. “Vintage models perfectly fit into this trend,” says Tatiana Kalistratova, manager of Iris-Optik. “Therefore, it is quite possible that the glasses that your mother wore a couple of decades ago will prove to be ultra-trendy. ”

An exaggerated large streamlined shape in the style of half a century ago is complemented by a translucent frame.

“It seems to me that fashion will not return to small frames,” says Lyudmila Bezmenova, director of optics salons “Look”. In this regard, Tatiana Kalistratova gives such recommendations: “The main thing is to find the limit of magnitude, due to which you will look the most stylish. ”

In addition to rounded, streamlined – the most popular – forms, tear-drop frames, glasses-masks, invariable “aviators” are relevant. Sometimes you can find a form of “chanterelle” – glasses with raised corners.


Classical – gray, black, brown – colors play a major role in the fashion scene of this season, told us in the salon of optics “Tamara”. This applies to both lenses and frames. A small exception for the summer is the semi-transparent frames of milky shades, sometimes with mother of pearl – hello from the 60s.

For urban sunglasses, the graduation of lenses is often used (the color transition through the lens from transparent to dark at the top) – a thing useful in all respects: it allows you not to take your glasses in a room where you have looked briefly, distorts objects less, makes the eyes more expressive and Do not hide them behind a dark glass.


Placers of sparkles, rhinestones, forged baroque ornaments, leather, large logos, prints, mother of pearl – the decoration of modern sunglasses is very immodest. It compensates for color restraint and reflects the most important direction of recent years – noble bling. “The word” bling “means diamonds, jewelry and generally a brilliant style, – explains Tatyana Kalistratova. – If the large size and round shape of the glasses is not for you, then the “best friends of the girls” – diamonds will come to the rescue. Even if they are imitated by Swarovski crystals, which, however, is even preferable. ”

Wear or not wear

It has been said many times that ultraviolet radiation with direct contact with the retina can cause serious illnesses, such as cataracts, as well as conjunctivitis, and inflammation of the retina. Not having a protective layer, but simply painted in a dark color, the lenses exacerbate the situation – the “deceived” pupil does not narrow, and the irradiation becomes more extensive.

In the salon of the optics “Tamara” correspondent SHE was told that for the city there will be enough light lenses with a gradient.

Lenses with driving glasses must be polarized. Beach glasses are darker, have a saturated filter, glasses for skiing also with a high level of filter, mirror coating.

Is it worth buying glasses with colored lenses? It is not forbidden. “They are, of course, harmless – a safety and quality certificate is also attached to color points,” Lyudmila Bezmenova assures. “But to walk all day wearing red glasses is tedious. ”So use these lenses is only in specific cases, not applying for permanent socks. ”

How to choose

First, decide what you most need glasses for sports with outings under the scorching sun, for the beach or rather to create an image, well, not without protection in urban conditions. Having determined, you will understand what form and degree of protection you choose. Choosing glasses for the image, do not hesitate to ask consultants for fashion trends.

The glasses must necessarily have quality certificates, but if you have doubts, then in the salons you can check the quality of protection on a special machine.

Usually bought in the cabin glasses are investigated for free, brought from another store – for money (50-100 rubles).

Sunglasses – not the cheapest accessory: the cost less than 1500 rubles at retail without a sale should cause suspicion. Due to the lack of reliable inscriptions on the glasses, sunglasses are not recommended to buy on the street, even if the model you liked – for sure you will soon feel that from wearing such glasses your eyes do not get better. Take care of yourself!

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