Sun-kissed blonde is the colour of lockdown

Lockdown has made us all reassess our hair, especially if you’re a longtime fan of the bleach, like me. In the last 7 years, I’ve been white blonde, pastel pink, copper, and more – but I’ve never been drawn to the natural look.

Until now. By month four of lockdown, my once all-over coloured hair now looked like a botched dip dye. I was 90% root.

So, when I finally made it to the salon, my only requests were a) please sort this mess out, b) if we go into another lockdown, how can I prevent myself looking like this again? The experts at Blue Tit in Clapton knew just what to do.

Harriet, Blue Tit’s Stylist and Educator, used a plethora of techniques to achieve that sun-kissed blonde look, telling me: “I used a combination of highlights and baby lights with some natural tones of brown to break up the build-up of bleach on the ends.

This creates a natural effect. Then I toned the hair with a golden blonde toner to complement your skin tone, keeping it lighter around the face for a sun-kissed look!” The staff at Blue Tit noted that I wasn’t alone, with customers asking for low-maintenance cuts and colours: “I feel that people have learned to adjust and embrace their natural hair!”

And that’s the key to this trend. Stay away from chunky highlights or anything to formulaic – use different sized highlights, and play with several colours to make sure you don’t go into ‘blocky’ hair territory. J-Lo, Kylie Jenner and Pixie Lott all swear by this trend!

If you’re giving up colourful hues, for a more subtle style, then your hair might need some TLC. Harriet suggests “investing in Olaplex No3 take home and using it once a week – you should leave this on damp hair before washing. This will rebuild the structure of the hair and stop the breakage, Along with Oway shampoo and conditioner to prolong the longevity of the colour. This should keep the condition of the hair well.”

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