Subtle jokes we probably missed in Deadpool 2

Deadpool’s a big T-Swift fan

While roaming the halls of the X-Men Mansion in Professor Xavier’s wheelchair, Wade Wilson can be seen wearing a shirt that says “Olivia and Meredith BFFs Furrever,” a shout-out to Taylor Swift’s real-life cats. She was so thrilled that she even mentioned it on her Instagram story.

Yes, there is a very real cure for blindness

You may remember in the first Deadpool, Wade tells Blind Al that his cocaine is hidden next to the cure for blindness. It takes a full movie later for us to realize he wasn’t kidding. Upon opening the floorboards to grab his cocaine, we see a box labeled, “the cure for blindness.”

Baby Legs

Even though it was not confirmed as a direct reference, plenty of fans have recognized the similarities between Deadpool’s baby legs moment and a show from Rick and Morty’s famed “Inter-dimensional Cable.” Whether true or not, we can all come to the conclusion that baby legs on a regular body are as weird as it gets.

“Hey, big guy. Sun’s gettin’ real low.”

There were many nods to Disney’s MCU heroes throughout the movie and this one I recognized right away. Deadpool uses this line while trying to subdue Juggernaut, though Black Widow uses it to calm the equally aggressive Hulk in Avengers 2.

“Like an avocado…”

TJ Miller’s Weasel begins the same sick burn on Deadpool’s physical appearance from the first film before being sharply cut off.

“The name’s ‘Pool.’ ‘Deadpool.”

Those unfamiliar with the James Bond films probably looked over the Golden Eye-esque opening title sequence in which all the “directed by” and “starring” credits are inside-jokes.

“My superpower is just unbridled cancer. Give me a bow and arrow and I’m basically Hawkeye.”

Deadpool drops this line while imprisoned with a collar around his neck that removes his mutant abilities. We all know that the MCU’s Hawkeye is essentially useless. We know he’s a master marksman with his arrows, but he’s not flying through the sky with a crushing hammer like Thor or being able to get sliced in half and regenerate like Deadpool, he’s just a really good archer.

“What did I do to piss off a grumpy old f****r with a Winter Soldier arm?”

Here we have another jab at an MCU hero as Deadpool describes Cable upon meeting him for the first time.

Cable’s basically the Terminator

You’d be forgiven to think that Cable’s backstory is awfully reminiscent of “Terminator.” Deadpool thinks so too, often calling him “John Conner” and digging at Rob Liefeld, Cable’s creator. It also doesn’t hurt that Tim Miller, the director of the first Deadpool, is hard at work on a Terminator movie as well.

What’s with the feet jokes?

Deadpool scoffs at Domino’s “lucky” powers as creatively lazy, going on to compare them to being created by someone who can’t draw feet, another criticism of Rob Liefeld and his Deadpool comic work. Incidentally, Liefeld is reported to have loved the jokes aimed his way, which goes to show he at least has a great sense of humor, if not feet-drawing ability. Being lucky is a great super power though!

The whole movie begins with a major spoiler to another movie

The very first shot of the movie shows an impaled Wolverine action figure, with Deadpool’s narration going on about how he can’t believe they raised the stakes in his movie by killing off Hugh Jackman’s character in “Logan.” For those late to the “Logan” viewing party, Deadpool 2 does not apologize.

Thank God, David Bowie’s still alive

Even if his other favorite artist, George Michael is dead, Wade Wilson takes solace that David Bowie is definitely still alive and no one had better correct him.

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