March 4, 2024

Stunt cameraman lives on the edge

Stunt helicopter pilot Fred North will do anything to get the shot for a movie scene

He’s not just good, Mr. North has the World Altitude Record for flying a helicopter to the height of 42,500-ft.

Here’s a recent clip of him flying low through the Grand Canyon.

He said, this is from the time that he almost died.

Follow Fred North on Instagram: @fred_north

Shooting in downtown Chicago.

A-Team. Aside from obvious green-screen, he really did a barrel roll.

We make fun of Fast and Furious but then we forget about the pros with a camera.

Clip from Sicario 2.

Flying low over a river in Cambodia.

Check out more of his videos at @fred_north

Learn more about Fred North and his camera crew HERE.

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